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The Road
by Avasa & Matthew Love

Avasa and Matthew’s sound is a relaxed, tuneful blend of world, pop and their own unique devotional soul music, with anthemic aspects to many songs that are greatly enhanced by the duo’s distinctively rich vocal chemistry.

They share songwriting credits, writing both independently and together, always with the clear goal of creating music that nourishes the soul and inspires each listener to find “the road” to one’s guiding moral compass in life.

WHOLESALE PRICE: $10.19; *6+ PRICE $8.49*


Heart of the Shamans:
Ceremonial Medicine Songs
by Liquid Bloom
Heart of the Shamans was conceived as a sonic prayer, a lovingly-crafted ritual transport into the heart of the universe. Its original arrangements by producer Amani Friend, aka Desert Dwellers, are skillfully interwoven with threads of global rhythms, sounds of natural atmospheres and evocative vocals. The music is inspired by such diverse sources as indigenous ceremonial dances of New Mexico’s deserts and pueblos, and sacred traditional ayahuasca invocations from Amazonian rainforest cultures.

REGULAR PRICE: $16.99; WHOLESALE PRICE: $10.19; *6+ PRICE $8.49*

Last 2 Month's New Music:

NEW MEDITATION TOOLS for PERSONAL PRACTICES: 108 Prayer Bead Malas, Aum Rudraksha Malas, Tibetan 7 Metal Bowls, Tingshas & Bells,  Hand-Rolled Incense, Yak Bone Jewelry, Angel Cards, Om Mantra Bags, Scent of Samadhi Incense and Perfume, Sterling Silver Pendants and Sacred Jewelry.

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New DVD's, Books and Audio Books:

  dr robin saraswati markus - Dao Flow Yoga for Fertility : Dao Flow Yoga for Fertility and Women's Health by Dr Robin Saraswati Markus offers this 5 DVD set of Chinese and western medicine with yoga music from dzigar kongtrul rinpoche & pema chodron - Karma Finding Freedom in This Moment : Karma Finding Freedom in This Moment 2 CD set by two Buddhist master teachers Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche & Pema Chodron illuminate the mysteries of i awake - Profound Relief from Stress & Anxiety (ARCHIVE) : Profound Relief from Stress & Anxiety 2 CD set by iAwake audio technology offers guided meditations and sound healing music.
Enjoy a blissful, jonathan goldman & andi goldman - Divine Name 11:11 Seminar 4 DVD Set : Divine Name 11:11 Seminar 4 DVD Set by Sound Healers Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman offers an immersive, complete week-end workshop on the scient
  krishna das - Krishna Das Live in NYC Vol 1 DVD : Krishna Das Live in New York City, Vol 1 DVD offers the 3rd professionally recorded full-length live kirtan by best selling western chant artist and g pema chodron - When Pain Is the Doorway (ARCHIVE) : When Pain Is the Doorway CD by Pema Chödrön provides a Tibetan Buddhist spiritual talk on finding freedom in our most difficult circumstance rick hansen - Self Directed Brain Change : Self Directed Brain Change - Rewire Your Brain for Happiness—A Step-By-Step Program by Rick Hanson, PhD offers guided practices in brain technol snatam kaur - Kundalini Yoga Recharge Yourself DVD : Kundalini Yoga Recharge Yourself DVD by Snatam Kaur with Ajeet Kaur, Sukhmani Rayat and Siri Kirtin Carlisle offers a live yoga class with pranayama e

White Swan Coming Soon 

  adham shaikh - Basswalla : COMING SOON - MAY 26
Basswalla CD by Adham Shaikh offers world electronica music and ethno-trance dance for ecstatic dance and yoga dance.
Refle deva premal & miten with manose - Songs for the Sangha : COMING JUNE 25
Songs for the Sangha CD by Deva Premal & Miten with Manose offers Sanskrit mantras and chants as yoga music.
Songs for the Sa malimba artists - Music for Massage Relax Unwind Expand : COMING JUNE 2
Music for Massage: Relax Unwind Expand CD by Malimba Artists: Nadama, Palash, Raphael & Shakya, Shastro and Nandin, offers soothi naren - Sangita Yoga Sacred Chants of India : COMING MAY 26
Sangita Yoga - Sacred Chants of India CD by Naren offers raga-based compositions, singing traditional Indian texts as mantras and cha
  ravi shankar - Varanasi Voyage : COMING SOON -
Varanasi Voyage - A Voyage to Tranquility - Yoga Meditation Series Vol 1 by Ravi Shankar, Remixed by Logical Drift offers 3 classical riley lee - Shakuhachi Sleep Music : COMING APRIL 28
Shakuhachi Sleep Music by Riley Lee offers Zen bamboo flute for relaxation and sleep, as well as instrumental yoga music.
A mast tryshe dhevney - Spirit of the Ancients Crystal Bowl Sound Healing : COMING SOON MAY 29
Spirit of the Ancients - Crystal Bowl Sound Healing  CD by Tryshe Dhevney offers gemstone-infused crystal bowls&n


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