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karma moffett

karma moffett Karma Moffett is an internationally respected artist known for his unique creative style expressed through music, oil painting, graphics, sculptings (in wood, stone, metal, and glass), hand-made musical instruments, and exquisite jewelry.

His creative work is the manifestation of his spiritual odyssey.  In each media, you experience the center of the mandala, the journey into light, and a sense of peace, harmony, and well-being.  Most of the music presented by his label "Padma Tapes" are Harmonic Journeys, designed to activate and harmonize the Chakra system, then dissolve the listener into the stillness of the Great Mystery.

Karma's music features his exceptional set of twenty-four Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Longhorns, Hand Bells, Tingsha Cymbals, Conch Shells, Drums, and Bone Horn Trumpets.  Karma has sifted through nearly five thousand bowls over a period of twenty-six years to accumulate twenty-four bowls.  These were selected for their purity and clarity of sound, sublime sustained resonance, and their harmonic blending or pairing with the other bowls within the set. 

These bowls are hand-made, using from five through nine metals, including meteorite.  The varying thickness of the metals, produces a variety of tones and harmonics, within each bowl.  When the bowls are played in runs or struck as pairs, their harmonics enter the physical and subtle bodies of the listener, to unlock blockages and move energy. You hear the music of the bowls and internally experience their vibrations.

In addition to the recordings of his music, Karma has been performing up to three ceremonies per week at his studio in San Francisco.  He has toured throughout the USA and Germany.  Karma has been commissioned to perform at the Himalayan Fair for the past eight years, the Chinese Mood Festival, the Festival of Harps, Open Secret Bookstore, East West Bookstore, the Land of the Medicine Buddha, and has been featured at numerous Whole Life/Harmony Expos, weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations.  Karma usually opens and closes these ceremonies with innovative music from his international collection of instruments, including Native American flute, silver flute, keyboards, guitars, harp, drums, saxophone, coronet, sitar, Tamboura, and didgeridoo.

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