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Asian & Indian Music department

Welcome to the Asian & Indian Music department.

  Please find our featured products of the month below, as well as the full listing of all products in this department.


Asian Fusion Music   view this category
bahramji and maneesh de moor - Call of the Mystic (Bahramji)
bombay jayashri - Siddhi States
chinmaya dunster - Meditation Ragas
go-ray & duke - Yoga Sessions: Go-Ray & Duke
manish vyas - Secret of Love
manose - Epiphany
masood ali khan - Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan
prem joshua - Ahir
prem joshua - Luminous Secrets
prem joshua - Taranga
prem joshua - Yatri
prem joshua & chintan - Kashi - Songs From the India Within
prem joshua and band - Prem Joshua & Band In Concert
various artists - Hotel Tara
various artists - Spa India

Chinese   view this category
dean evenson and li xiangting - Tao of Peace
dean evenson and scott huckabay - Tao of Healing
frank steiner jr. - Touching Silk

Classical Indian   view this category
dean evenson and pandit shivnath mishra and deobrat mishra - Raga Cycle
kala ramnath & ty burhoe - Samay Chakra CD
kosmic - MoolaMantra Vol 2
mandala - Moonlight Ragas
manish vyas - Healing Ragas III
niladri kumar - Pure Joy
rajendra teredesai - Divine Dimension
rajendra teredesai - Moksha the Path to Inner Peace
rakesh chaurasia - Call of the Divine
rakesh chaurasia - Divine Chants of Gayatri
rakesh chaurasia - Sacred Mantras of India
rakesh chaurasia & talvin singh - Vira
sandeep - Pilgrimage (Sandeep)
shaman's dream - Kerala Dream
ty burhoe - Illumination
various artists - Power of Gayatri

Indian Fusion   view this category
benjy wertheimer - Soul of the Esraj
chinmaya dunster - Yoga on Sacred Ground
dean evenson and pandit shivnath mishra and deobrat mishra - Raga Cycle
jai uttal - Kirtan
mandala - Healing Ragas
manish vyas - Prasad
manish vyas - Sufi Splendor
niladri kumar - If Magical Sounds of Sitar
prem joshua - Breath of Voavah
prem joshua - Sky Kisses Earth
prem joshua - Yatri
prem joshua & manish vyas - Water Down the Ganges
rakesh chaurasia & talvin singh - Vira
shantala - Ocean of Sound
stevin mcnamara - Shakti Guitar
sudha - In Her Name
various artists - Indian Groove

Japanese   view this category
riley lee - Shakuhachi Flute Meditations
riley lee - Shakuhachi Sleep Music

Tibetan & Nepali   view this category
benjamin iobst - Seven Metals
deuter - Nada Himalaya
deuter - Tibet Nada Himalaya II
deva premal & the gyuto monks of tibet - Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times
gabrielle roth - Refuge
gyuto monks of tibet - Beyond Karma
gyuto monks of tibet - Pure Sounds
gyuto monks tantric choir - Tibetan Chants for World Peace
jonathan goldman - Medicine Buddha
karma moffett - Golden Bowls
lama tashi - Chen Dren
manose - Call Within (The)
manose - Dhyana Aman
manose - Epiphany
manose - Notes from Home: Himalayan Folk Tunes
manose - Suskera
nawang khechog - Tibetan Dream Journey
nawang khechog - Tibetan Healing Music of Nawang Khechog
nawang khechog - Tibetan Meditation Music
nawang khechog - Universal Love
Nawang Khechog and R. Carlos Nakai - Music as Medicine
thea surasu and steven halpern - Singing Bowls of Shangri-la
Tulku Sherdor - Guru Chants and Mantras in the Tibetan Tradition
various artists - Dalai Lama Renaissance CD



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