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Media Type: CD
cheryl bentyne - Blissongs
1.) The Beginning (Earth) - Muladhara
2.) Flow to the Sea - (Water) - Svadhisthana
3.) Dance of the Transformation (Fire) - Manipura
4.) Silence of Breath (Air) - Anahata
5.) Echo (Sound) - Vishuddha

Blissongs CD by Cheryl Bentyne of Manhattan Transfer brings a soulful Chakra-based soundtrack of musical sounds of relaxing vocals for Spa, Yoga and Meditation.

Blissongs is "A soundtrack for the soul'" as Cheryl Bentyne refers to it. Cheryl is best known as the soprano in the world famous 10 time Grammy winning vocal group, The Manhattan Transfer.

Join Cheryl's soothing vocal journey through the 7 Chakra tones on Blissongs, with their accompanying syllables. Her voice is multi-layered and conveys a sense of relaxation while at the same time stimulating the senses.

Cheryl has travelled around the world in her 32 years with The Manhattan Transfer and has literally experienced hundreds of Spa's in dozens of countries. While striving for total body and soul relaxation in her busy touring schedule, Cheryl was constantly disappointed by one aspect of her massage/meditation hour. The music. There seemed to be an obvious missing link in each and every Spa she visited. Naturally, as a musician, Cheryl was keenly aware of the oversight. As Cheryl expressed it, "There is music and there is wallpaper sound. One should never be confused with the other. Wallpaper music is meant to NOT be heard nor felt, whereas music in it's purest form should not only stimulate but be capable of transforming one into a state of mindfulness and at it's highest, pure bliss."

Whether practicing yoga, meditation or simply enjoying a relaxing massage, all the senses are completely involved. Cheryl's concern was the sense of sound was not being passionately addressed and in her heart she knew what was missing and proceeded to act upon the need.

What does the soul respond to first? The sound /vibration of the human voice. As children, even before birth we hear and feel the voice. Soothing…Healing…Nurturing. So Cheryl felt the key was to engage the voice in a Chakra based soundtrack of sound, exclusively, the voice. This is how Blissongs was born.

"As subliminal as this is, it is the very reason I am focusing on the audio experience of relaxation. The body and soul respond very acutely to tone and melody as well as certain chord functions. I am determined to change the way Spa's and Yoga/Meditation studio's choose their music. This will not only enhance the overall relaxation experience but with my very specific attention to the 7 Chakra's it may gracefully take the soul to a higher, calmer and more aware place in body and spirit.

Blissongs is the first volume in a continuing series of variations in vocal healing music. Join me, Cheryl Bentyne and experience pure Bliss Consciousness…. as we…

                                  HEAL THE BODY
                                  SOOTHE THE MIND
                                  TUNE THE SOUL

Enjoy Blissongs CD by Cheryl Bentyne?  See below for more Sacred Vocals and music for Spa, Yoga and Meditation.



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