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Media Type: DVD
hemalayaa - Bollywood Booty DVD

Bollywood Booty DVD by yogini Hemalayaa offers four quick world dance workouts to help you get fit, firm and flirty in no time - for all fitness levels.

Hemalayaa Behl, better known as the fitness czarina and yogini Hema, has designed infectious, joyful dance workouts based on Indian and Bollywood choreography. In Bollywood Booty, the minutes fly by while Hema demonstrates hip tosses, light plies and squats, and her own signature sweeping moves--defying you not to grin the whole while. The notion that workouts can truly be fun, even gleeful, is what sets Hema's workouts apart. There's no grunting, no "ONLY EIGHT MORE, LET'S GO!" Instead, she breaks this workout into easily consumable pieces--four in all, ranging from 6 to 12 minutes each. Do one or all, along with the warm-up and cool-down. And in the meantime, get in touch with your inner goddess.

Bollywood Booty DVD focuses on shaping the backside--what Hema fetchingly calls "the boo-TAY." But while squats, lunges and back-kicks make an appearance, they are accompanied by unusual arm and shoulder movements ("Paint the wall with joy…now paint yourself with the same joy!") and sweet Indian music that is uplifting while never distracting. The workout, about 45 minutes, plus some short extras that demonstrate other types of Indian dance, is suitable for all fitness levels. Hema and her two assistants work out barefoot, which adds to the sensuality, but if you have arch or knee problems, keep your shoes on; you'll still have a great time. Another great feature of the disc is that Hema's instructions are all done in voiceover, which makes watching her dancing even transportive, since she's not breathlessly giving directions while being all sinewy. And there are some real challenges in this workout, despite their cute names. Be on the lookout for The Elk, so called because its boo-TAY-twitching movement mimics the mating dance of the elk. No wonder Ellen DeGeneres became a huge fan when Hema appeared on her talk show ("Pour the waterfall! Love!"). In no time, your booty and your spirits will be lifted. --A.T. Hurley

Bollywood Booty DVD is the most fun you ll ever have reshaping your backside. It s so enjoyable, you won t believe you're working out you'll just dance, strut, and sashay away the pounds and inches.

Join fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa for vibrant, liberating Indian dance moves set to infectious bhangra beats. These four quick dance workouts will help you get fit, firm, and flirty in no time. But more than that, they re the perfect way to release inhibitions, embrace your body, and fall in love with your booty!

So if you are looking for a creative, refreshing way to lift those buns, burn fat, and remake your shape, try Bollywood Booty today.

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