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Media Type: CD
guru ganesha singh - Joy Is Now
1.) Peace Has Begun -9:21
2.) Hari Om -11:21
3.) Joy Is Now -9:21

Joy is Now CD by GuruGanesha Sing and Snatam Kaur are Kundalini and Gurkmukhi mantras and chanting for yoga.

Joy is Now features compelling duets and kirtan call-response between GuruGanesha and Snatam Kaur, whose unforgettable voices create a counterpoint of masculine and feminine, strength and sweetness, earth and ether.

GuruGanesha`s signature guitar work enters new raag/jazz influenced realms in a sparkling conversation with a diverse ensemble of classical Indian insruments including sitar, sarod, esraj, flute and Indian violin.

1. Peace Has Begun 9:20
2. Hari Om 11:19
3. Joy is Now 9:21
4. Aad Sach 9:53
5. Sat Narayan 8:50
6. Guru Ram Das Love Song 9:10

Enjoy Joy is Now CD by GuruGanesha Sing and Snatam Kaur?  See below for more kundalini mantras and chanting for yoga.

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