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Media Type: two CD set
osho - Tao Three Treasures

Tao: The Three Treasures MP3 double CD are talks by Osho that bring Lao Tzu and Osho's experiences of truth into our time.

In Osho's series of talks, Tao: The Three Treasures, Osho embraces Lao Tzu’s insights from the Tao Te Ching and combines them with his own experience and understanding. This has the effect of leading the listener into the world of Lao Tzu while bringing Lao Tzu and his experiences of truth into our time. Paradoxical as always, Osho does take questions and gives answers that continually point back to Lao Tzu’s revered opening statement, 'Truth cannot be said, truth cannot be uttered,' creating for the listener a direct experience and understanding.

Two MP3 CDs are included in Tao: The Three Treasures that comprises over 50 hours of talks!

Disc 1
Vol. 1 Absolute Tao
Vol. 2 Living Tao

Disc 2
Vol. 3 Undone Tao
Vol. 4 Talking Tao

Enjoy Tao: The Three Treasures MP3 double CD by Osho?  See below for more spoken and meditation talks.


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