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Media Type: two CD set
shiva rea - Yoga Sanctuary
1.) Track 1
2.) Track 2

Yoga Sanctuary two-CD set by Shiva Rea offers guided Hatha flow-style practices and the ability to personally program variations from 13 tracks available to fit your schedule and specific needs for yoga, with music by Lisbeth Scott.

Note to beginners:
Shiva suggests that you begin using only Disc Two: Lunar Practice. Note to intermediates: Shiva suggests how to add more poses to the discs if you wish. She also prescribes suggested shorter practices, with tips about how to combine poses.

Disc One: Solar Practice - An energizing, balanced sequence cultivating strength and flexibility. Tracks include: Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Standing Pose Flow, Balance Poses, Abdominal Strenghtening, Backbends & Counter Poses.

Disc Two: Lunar Practice - A relaxing flow for deep release and relaxation. Tracks include: Full Body Warm-up, Forward Bends, Hip Openers, Twisting Postures, Inversions, Deep Relaxation (Shavasana), Meditation & Ujayi Pranayama.

Yoga Sanctuary includes a beautiful 26 page booklet with photos of all 64 postures as well as guidance on using the CD tracks for various levels of practice and purposes.

Enjoy Yoga Sanctuary 2 CD set by Shiva Rea?  See below for more yoga music and guided yoga practices. 

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