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deuter : Product Reviews

Buddha Nature
Buddha Nature: Excellent For Sessions
I don't know about you, but I am constantly searching for music to fit the bill when clients ask for "something quiet and relaxing."  I have to admit, space music is really not my cup of ocha (tea!).  I have a pretty good selection of Jazz, Brazilian and other upbeat 'Qi tonic' kinda music.  But I get bored of monotony, finding all too often that there is a fine line between 'quiet' and 'insipid.' 

If you are like me, Buddha Nature is varied enough to keep your interest but relaxing enough to sooth your clients with jangled nerves and 'excess" natures.'  Lilting flute seamlessly binds together Tibetan singing bowl harmonics, sounds from nature and keyboards.  Each track flows into the next; the natural sounds are not overdone to the point of being unbelievable.  One client asked if I could see what kind of birds there were outside! 

My favorite cut has the soulful sound of a Japanese shakuhachi flute. A great mood match for Asian bodywork!  The artist Deuter was obviously inspired by Buddhism for this recording.  On the CD jacket, Deuter says, "Because it is the quality of being present in this very moment - that is Buddha nature.  Not having one's mind travel into the past or future, but relaxing into what is, non-doing and learning to enjoy one's being."
Indeed, the Buddhist concept of being present for our clients is almost more important that anything else.  I appreciate an artist whose intention is to bring our awareness to the hear and now.  I think too much music designed for bodywork encourages our clients to check out instead of notice what they are feeling in their bodies during the session.

So far, all of my clients have given Buddha Nature a thumbs up, as I thumb down their meridians!  This CD is a welcome addition to anyone's ABT music collection.

- Barbra Esher, CI Integrative Eclectic Shiatsu - AOBTA Pulse Spring 2002

Buddha Nature
Superb Relaxation & Meditation Program
 In his latest release since his 2001 AFIM Indie award for best New Age Album of the Year, Sun Spirit, Deuter turns to the Eastern religious leader and teacher, Buddha, for inspiration on this superb relaxation and meditation program.  With languid and lush synthesized keyboards laying the foundation of dreamy chords morphing through space, Deuter lifts his flute to soar above…  Buddha's Nature moves gracefully between major and minor on flute and piano musings over drifting keyboards.

Deuter's music, used extensively in hospitals and clinics by medical therapists, has become popular among healers and bodyworkers. Here, the 28-minute Illumination progresses from full-bodied keyboards to angelic harp notes and quiet, hardly audible, peaceful sleepchords.

Cascading arrays of Tibetan and oriental bells make a Joyful Path of glittering chimes.  Silky synth strings surround a keyboard, oboe and harp, for this project’s final Blessing.  A beautiful and spiritual follow-up to the acclaimed and award-winning Sun Spirit and ideal for enjoying one's being in the present.

-TC, New Age Voice

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