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dean evenson : Product Reviews

Healing Waters
Dehmar, Knoxville, TN United States
I have had this CD for well over a year and I play it regularly. For deep relaxation, it is my portal into a meditative state, as it releases the stress and tension from my body, invites my mind to become calm, and gently persuades me to become one with the music. For lighter moods, it is just wonderful background music, producing a soothing and nurturing atmosphere for the soul.

Healing Waters
~Naomi Judd, Grammy Award Winner, author of Love Can Build a Bridge
"Music is a healer. I use your tapes to enhance my morning meditation, to promote relaxation, to support guided imagery in controlling my liver disease, during massage , and to buoy my imagination when I write."

Eagle River Editorial Review:
Take an inspiring musical journey down a wild river in the Pacific Northwest. Hear the actual calling of eagles as they feast on spawning salmon who have swum upstream from the ocean to lay their eggs in the calm river inlets and then lay down their lives for the next generation. Seagulls and other birds share the feast, but the eagle is the master. The voice of many rivers echoes across the vast valley.

Wood Over Water
New Age Retailer, Mara Applebaum
"No wonder every massage therapist and yoga instructor I know plays music from Soundings of the Planet. Dean Evenson's familiar, echoing flute has me so well trained that I go into a little trance as soon as I hear it!"

Wood Over Water, Review by Ben Ohmart
"Dean envelops us with a whole earth full of flutes, keyboards and natural sounds that blend better than anyone could hope for."

Dream Space
COVR Visionary Awards
Tranquil and soothing ... helping with spiritual transformation, meditation, healing, and contemplative yoga practice. --COVR Visionary Awards

Dream Space
Massage Therapist Review
³Dream Space is truly one of the most relaxing CDs I have ever done a massage to. It took me and my client to a really deep place and healing came with ease.² --Jeff Wilson, LMT

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