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sophia : Product Reviews

Chakra Healing Chants
Jason Victor Serinus, Independent Reviewer
"In the 25 years since I first heard Sophia perform at Northern California healing events, her beautiful voice has grown more soulful, empowering her with even greater ability to convey the spiritual essence of song and prayer. There is a sacred quality to her artistry, one that enables the simplest of melodies to assume profound dimensions.

In her fifth album, the first to be released on the well-known Sequoia label, Sophia offers seven chakra-healing meditations. Each incorporates principles of "sacred sound," a \ phrase that refers to Sophia’s fusion of shamanic chants, pure vowel sounds, God/Goddess names, the seven levels of the charkas, and the principles of the Cabalistic Tree of Life. [Singing in Sanskrit, Hebrew, and English, Sophia tunes her progressive meditations according to the Tibetan system of A to G. As an example, the first chakra meditation, "Gaia Shekhinah Nama Om," is based on "malkuth – we are one," "Gaia – Greek living Earth Goddess," "Shekhinah – Hebrew Creation Goddess," the Sanskrit "nama om – I honor the Sacred Name," and the vowel sound "uh."

Lest this sound prohibitively esoteric, rest assured that there is an eclectic Western, space music feel to this recording that simultaneously bridges and homogenizes cultures and belief systems. The first chants include a wide variety of percussion, played softly enough to energize without jarring, while the concluding seventh chakra song "Be Still" and final song "Integration" quiet down. Joined by ten musicians, [including Raphael, Schawkie Roth, David Gordon, and Hans Christian,] Sophia supplies the main vocals, overtone chanting, tamboura, and zither. Add in everything from synthesizer to sarod, and you’ve got an outstanding album that will please many practitioners."

Chakra Healing Chants
Dr. Jean Houston, The Possible Human
"Sophia sings songs of the Earth and of the Sky and, in between, a new humanity is born."

Chakra Healing Chants
Dr. Joan Boryshenko, The Ways of the Mystic
"Sophia is an angel of Spirit. Her music is sacred, joyful and deeply inspiring."

Chakra Healing Chants
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.( author of A Woman's Journey to God, A Pocketful of Miracles, and eight other titles.)
"Sophia's music is an invitation to step into Divine Light. Her gift is in reconnecting us to Spirit through the voice of an angel and the heart of a healer."

Chakra Healing Chants
Don Campbell- Author of The Mozart Effect and The Roar of Silence
"Sophia continues to bring a magic to the world of music, sense and soul. She wraps us in a refined mystery of beauty. No matter your musical tastes, this is a splendid journey through East and West, voice and heart."

Chakra Healing Chants
Gabrielle Roth (Author: Sweat Your Prayers and Maps to Ecstasy.)
"I love this album. It feels like a universal lullaby, it cradles me, it moves me, it transports me--within. This is the music Sophia was always meant to create."



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