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david and steve gordon : Product Reviews

Garden of Serenity III
David and Steve Gordon
"Renew your Soul in the Garden - Enter your own lush and secluded European garden where you can go to rejuvenate your body and mind. Due to popular demand, David & Steve Gordon continue their successful Garden of Serenity series, artfully blending Elizabethan and Classically influenced music, proven to reduce stress and improve concentration, with sounds of guitar, lute, flute, harp, keyboards, soothing sounds of nature and their award-winning musical style. Ideal for Yoga, Massage or for any time you want to relax. Find your favorite spot in the garden and let the hours drift by in perfect peace as tranquil melodies and nature sounds calm your mind and comfort your soul. "

Garden of Serenity III
Press Quotes
"Soothing meditative sounds that take us past our troubles of the day" - Bookreader

"The Gordon’s combine ancient and modern sounds which evoke contemplative bliss, and inner peace." -Tower Records Pulse Magazine

Pillow Music
Guide to New Age Music
“…a peaceful retreat, a timeless atmosphere of tranquil perfection perfect for relaxation, falling asleep at night or massage. A must have!”

Shaman's Vision Journey
John Diliberto, Billboard Magazine
“The Gordons have juiced up the Tribal groove – their melodies are prettier and their rhythms are more compelling.”

Shaman's Vision Journey
Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer
“Each superb track flows seamlessly into the next…evocative, sensual and profoundly healing.”

Soothing Sanctuary
The Light Magazine
" of the finest meditation soundscapes I’ve heard...easily pulls the listener into a deep state of relaxation" 'Soothing Sanctuary from Sequoia Records contains over an hour of the finest new age meditation/relaxation soundscapes. Beautifully recorded nature sounds, that are divinely fresh and real, are interwoven with tastefully performed silver flutes, wind chimes, synthesizer and acoustic keyboard lines. The music is clear, direct and easily pulls the listener into a deep state of relaxation. Well over 60 minutes in length -a bonus feature that provides the listener with an excellent amount of time to enter, experience and return.'

Soothing Sanctuary
All Music Guide
"Brothers David & Steve Gordon create relaxing music/nature recordings, and this is one of their best."

Soothing Sanctuary
Music Design in Review
'Originally released in 1990, David and Steve Gordon’s album Soothing Sanctuary has proven to be a masterpiece of the relaxation music genre – a sweeping soundscape rich with gentle tones and calming instrumentation. For the re-issue, the Gordon brothers decided to go back to the drawing board and not only re-master the album, but musically enhance it as well. The results are stunning – the synthesizers have been updated to reflect current technology, additional instrumentation has been included and the clarity is astounding (254 bit remix and re-mastering to reflect current industry standards). All the while, Soothing Sanctuary still maintains the former album’s blissful atmosphere of nature sounds blended with beautiful melodies, this time around performed on piano, guitar, harp, silver flute and keyboards.'

Soothing Sanctuary
Carol Wright, Napra Review
'There are times when you just want to disappear in spirit, and Soothing Sanctuary can take you there. The Gordon brothers have mixed nature sounds of the Sequoia forest with heavenly synthesizers, piano, and flutes to create an archetypal sonic retreat. Although perfect for background music - let yourself go, let your spirit renew with the sounds of these sacred groves.'

Soothing Sanctuary
L.A. Resources
'Soothing Sanctuary is a peaceful retreat from the world's tensions, a sacred space where one finds renewal. Gently cascading streams, elusive birdsong, gentle harp caresses and the lyrical sweetness of a silver flute create a timeless atmosphere of tranquil perfection. This serene environment evokes contemplative bliss, perfect for relaxation, massage or light meditation. A must have!'

Chakra Healing Zone
Anodea Judith Ph.D. (Wheels of Life – A User’s Guide to the Chakra System)
“Crafted artistry and modern sonic technology that will massage your soul” –

Garden of Serenity II
Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer
"Another instant classic! Creates an earthy, relaxing ambiance that is absolutely perfect for meditation, massage, yoga or soothing background music."

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