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deuter : Product Reviews

East of the Full Moon
Jason Victor Serinus Music Critic
"A self-described hermit/monk/wolf, Deuter lives deep in the forests of New Mexico where he consistently creates some of the most beautiful, spiritually attuned music in the New Age catalogue. Playing a variety of instruments, including keyboards, sitar and synthesizers, East of the Full Moon finds Deuter in a pensive, reflective mood. Most of the compositions reflect a sweet celestial longing, as from a soul wishing to draw nearer to the source. As we've come to expect from this venerable master, simplicity of melodic line never devolves into hawkish sentiment. Rather, Deuter's exquisite sense of taste and confidence in the other-dimensional nature of his creations produces music that soothes the spirit, freeing the mind to journey to a place of peace. A few selections include mild percussive beat; the rest flow in an unbroken stream of heart-touching reverie."

East of the Full Moon
Bill Binkelman - Wind and Wire
"On his latest release, East of the Full Moon, pioneering new age artist Deuter paints on a broader canvas than on some previous recordings. While he allows his nuanced and warm piano to perform most of the musical magic, his instrumental versatility and virtuosity is in abundance throughout the CD’s nine tracks. The music flows effortlessly from the warmth of the opening track 'Daemmerschein,' to the haunting flute and strings of the title tune, easing into East Indian fusion textures on 'Vibrant Dusk,' courtesy of gentle tamboura drones draped over minimal echoed piano and featuring mellow tabla rhythms. The piano and strings on 'Marfa Lights I' stroll alongside a plaintive recorder while the shimmering synths of 'Moon-Silvered Clouds' paint a soundscape befitting the song’s title. Whether majestic and haunting ('Black Velvet Flirts' with its soprano sax and hushed chorales) or lilting and full of the vibrancy of life itself (the uptempo album closer 'Dawn Shimmer'), East of the Full Moon once again clearly illustrates why Deuter has few, if any, peers when it comes to crafting elegant beautiful music which speaks to the human soul with simplicity, charm, and grace."

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