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max strom : Product Reviews

Yoga Strength, Grace, Healing DVD
From a Yoga practitionner
When I started practicing Yoga I was told to start with a mixed level class and learned by watching what people around me were doing as I was completely unfamiliar with the names of the Yoga poses and I had just arrived from Germany so my English wasn't great either. For example when I did Cobra pose I tried to look like the people around me, but I never got an instruction or adjustment of how to get into the pose based on MY body. After some time of taking classes at that Yoga studio I felt the need for more perosnalized attention and instruction as I felt stuck with my practice. I started taking classes at Sacred Movement in Santa Monica and discovered Max Strom's Yoga classes which were eye opening to me. A few months after I started taking his classes he moved up north so I was very happy when I found out about his Yoga DVD which is just like taking his classes! I like that you can chose between a full 90 minute Yoga class or a 45 minute class. This is a very thoughtful and very well done DVD with beautiful music and a guided meditation. I LOVE the "workshop" feature, which explains poses in great detail and also gives recommendations for adjustments. With this feature I FINALLY learned how to get into Cobra...I tried it and it works!!! I'm amazed... Thank you Max for this great DVD :-)



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