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chinmaya dunster : Product Reviews

Yoga on Sacred Ground
Yoga: On Sacred Ground - Playful & Healing
Yoga, as practiced in the West, is the physical performance of postures meant to provide energy for both the body and spirit. Chinmaya Dunster pays a fine tribute to this art form in Yoga: On Sacred Ground

Dunster has practiced yoga since the 1970s.  His masterful study of physical movement is apparent is his musical compositions.  The new-age melodies and dynamic rhythms of Yoga bow and sway most gracefully.  Dunster creates a playful existence in this musical medium. 

Dunster created Yoga to accompany a one-hour practice of Hatha Yoga.  He strives, with his seven tracks, "to evoke and stimulate the subtle energies of the seven chakras" (energy centers in the body). And he does!  Yoga can be used independently.  Much like yoga, Dunster's musical creation soothes and calms while providing positive stimulation to the body and mind.

My first experience with yoga music, Yoga has proven to be an enchanting one.  Prior to listening to this disc, I had never contemplated taking up the art.  However, if it proves as relaxing as Chinmaya's music, it's well worth the effort.  Both invigorating and relaxing at the same time, Yoga is just want the doctor ordered for this tired body and harried mind.

- Lynne Remick, Rambles: May 30, 2002    
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Delightful Multi-Culti Soundscapes
Here's a delightful set of multi-culti soundscapes by a cross cultural pro in the know.  Creating his own path of Celtic Ragas, reflecting his backgrounds and passions, Dunster attracts important attention from people at the top of the musical food chain that know up from down. A tasty adult set that will go the distance for world beat fans looking for a new kick.  Hot stuff.

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap

Yoga on Sacred Ground
Music To Live By
Don't let the title of this album fool you.  While the scope and sensitivity of Dunster's journey through the seven chakras will certainly appeal to yoga practitioners, Yoga On Sacred Ground travels much further than its name implies.  This is not just music for practicing yoga.  This is music you can live by in the fullest sense.

Chinmaya Dunster is a magician on the sarod and as a composer.  So often, we hear music that attempts to fuse the Eastern tradition with Western sensibilities and end up with something that lessens both. Dunster knows what he's doing.  He has gone inside the music of India, extracted its essence, and invested his work with spirit and passion in a way that touches the heart of our own experience.  The music is by turns vibrant, plaintive, pulsing with energy, and contemplative.

The first track, Natrani (Queen of the Dance), combines a feminine Indian raga, warmly performed on sarod, with the gypsy flair of Spanish lute.  This track leaps up and dances, whirls, shouts, makes life happen.  Sarod and guitar share a sublime and subtle musical dialogue in On Sacred Ground, a theme which is echoed in a major key in Ha-Tha.  The mysterious The Watcher shimmers with rhythmic and tonal complexities, played in a minor-keyed Indian scale, and contrasts sweetly with the light-hearted joyfulness of the final track.

This is Dunster's third album on the New Earth label.  If you've not yet experienced his musical genius, Yoga On Sacred Ground is a great place to start.

- New Age Voice, March 2002

A Happy Experience!
The lively, lilting melodies in Karma Circles (New Earth Records), by Chinmaya Dunster and The Celtic Ragas Band, are an exotic blend of Indian and Celtic flavors.

Dunster is a master of the sarod, a 19-stringed classical Indian instrument.  You will also hear a guest appearance from Govi, the guitar master, playing the middle-eastern oud and Shastro on bamboo flute.  There are instruments on this CD that I've never heard of before (I'll have to find out what a “swarmandel” is!), but the sound is modern, upbeat, and very positive.  What a happy experience it is!

- Aquarius Magazine

Sylvia P. Barnes, Songwriter/Composer
"The sitar gives birth to this East/West mix of melodic and mystical sounds on Yoga Lounge. This song collection will warm your heart with a mix of slow and medium rhythms cradled by strings, flutes, and drums. Let these luscious melodies quiet your energies while creating a musical mystical experience. A sitar lover's gem!"

Hope Zvara, Registered Yoga Teacher
"Live and passionate! Expresses the truths of your heart. The smooth and active beat sings the songs of anyone’s soul. An instant trans-meditative state, this wave of tranquility is a rhythm for all moods. Deepen your yoga or meditation; unite in every practice. Live the Yoga Lounge!"

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