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wah! : Product Reviews

Best of Wah!
Krishna Das, vocalist and chant master
Chanting is a spiritual practice that has the power to make the invisible visible; to unlock what is locked. What is invisible is the love that lives within us. What is locked is our own heart; locked out of the beautiful world of love. Through the chanting of the Divine Name this love begins to take shape, begins to take form, begins to make itself visible to us. We come to this practice with many hidden motives and agendas. We all want something. We are human beings and we carry the many thoughts and desires that human beings carry. But when we chant, we must give ourselves over to the practice and allow it to work in its own way. This is the real beauty of Wah!'s chanting. Her music is beautiful and her voice is beautiful—but you can find that a million different places. What sets Wah! apart is her ability to surrender to the offer herself to the offering . . . to allow it all to be as it is, and to deepen as it will…wanting, in those moments, nothing but love and love alone.

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