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manose : Product Reviews

For Repeat Play

“Manose, the champion bamboo flutist of Nepal, is … giving concerts at the Asian Festival in Switzerland, the Nepali Embassy in Germany and touring France with his soft instrument.  His skill is not open to question and his lightness of touch on the 3 tracks on this particular release make it a pleasure to keep the beauteous work on Repeat Play.”

-Ben Ohmart, The Muse's Muse

Suskera: Profound, Unique, Beautiful
Manose is an extraordinary Nepalese musician.  He started playing the bamboo flute at age eight when he heard someone playing outside his window and fell in love with the sound.  Now, seventeen years later, he is recognized as Nepal’s premiere bamboo flautist.  

Since 1995, Manose has been teaching for the University of Wisconsin’s College Year in Nepal and Naropa Institute’s Nepal programs, as well as performing in Switzerland, Germany, California, and France.  

This disc offers three traditional raags (the Nepalese spelling of raga) played on solo flute.  The first and longest, Raag Yaman, is a deeply devotional piece that encourages the listener “to relinquish themselves to the compassionate force of the universe.”  The second, Raag Bhageshri, is gentle and sensual music with a potency that is said to increase toward midnight.  Finally, Raag Jog is fairly recent in origin, again imbued with a sense of evening and exoticism.  

While the roots of these ragas lie in the classical North Indian/South Asian tradition, this playing does not adhere to any specific gharana (school) or aesthetic.  Manose plays each piece according to what is in his heart.  His experience in a variety of genres, such as jazz, and bluegrass, has also colored his understanding and expression.  The results are profound, unique and very beautiful—quite different than the traditional blend of sitar, tabla, and tamboura.  Highly recommended.  

- Massage Magazine

Dhyana Aman
Dhyana Aman: Opening New Spiritual Vistas
Melodic and hypnotic rhythms produced by singing bowls, vocals, and Tibetan chanting grace each track.  Exotic bamboo flute, expertly played by composer Manose, is featured on some cuts. 

Composed in the rich Tibetan tradition and recorded in Kathmandu, each of the eight tracks takes the mind and spirit into a different environment within the inner sanctum of deep meditation.  Track 3 introduces astonishing vocals that express the reverence and discipline of Eastern philosophies and religions.  Tibetan chanting by guest artist Choying Drolma on track 4 is powerful, deep, resonant, and mysterious, inviting the mind to open, flower, and be steeped in Spirit.

This album has a tangible ebb and flow, drawing the novice or the seasoned mediator into a myriad of rooms within his or her own inner sanctum.  Sure to be used again and again, opening new spiritual vistas each time.   

- NAPRA Review

Susan Cooke, Yoga Practitioner
“A soothing weave of beautiful instrumental music. The music invites you to follow a quiet path by gently leading you one note at a time. The threads of music quietly direct you to a place of relaxation and calm. Yoga Ragas would blend into meditation, hatha yoga, and quite times.”

Hope Zvara, Certified Yoga Teacher
“Manose Singh and his fellow musicians weave contemplative sitar, percussion, and flute into slow trance-like compositions, creating an amazing moving meditation. The transformative harmony of Yoga Ragas takes devotion and the essence of inner bliss to a higher level. Ideal music for Tai Chi, meditation, moving mantra, relaxation, and times when you need to connect with your spirit.”

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