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paradiso and rasamayi : Product Reviews

Attuning to Oneness
Creations Magazine
"Attuning to Oneness – The Harmonic Ascension Paradiso & Rasamayi 5th Element Music - Paradiso is a master didjeridoo artist; Rasamaya is a singing bowl “master alchemist” and singer. Both are deeply involved in healing music. Transformative is the word for this album. Unearthly, for lack of a better word, yet familiar in some way, the sounds are absolutely and arrestingly beautiful. The didjeridoo is at times reminiscent of Tibetan monks, at other times unclassifiable. The singing, and the singing bowls of Rasamaya are often indistinguishable . . . impossible to tell what is a human voice and what is the sound of ringing crystal. Suggested for meditative, healing and yoga work, this offering goes beyond the standard musical work in those genres. An excellent album, and highly recommended for inducing peaceful, contemplative, and healing states. " Creations Magazine

Attuning to Oneness
John, The Borderland
"As you will guess from the title Attuning To Oneness, by Paradiso and Rasamayi, is aimed at those who seek music of a healing and/or spiritual nature. The sound is very full of eastern promise, sounding as it does of echoing through the valleys and mountain sides of the Himalayan mountains. Amongst the soundscapes, you experience ethereal drones and chants and one almost hopes that the Yeti may join in by whistling the theme to The X Files. Thanks to the drones, chants, singing bowls, a variety of exotic percussion, gongs, didgeridoos and a theremin, the sound is a rich melange of all things eastern and atmospheric. Created to assist healing, meditation and yoga, Attuning To Oneness is an album with a purpose but only those afflicted can really say whether this music has helped them in any way. One has to admire Paradiso & Rasamayi as the sole musicians on the album, the sound palette they create between them is a rich and highly imaginative one." John, The Borderland

Attuning to Oneness
Raj Manoharan
"The duo of Paradiso and Rasamyi team up again to collaborate on this album of mystical music. Paradiso plays didjeridoo, keyboards, theremin, and gong, and Rasamayi performs chants as well as plays crystal merkaba and Alchemy crystal singing bowls. The music is very somber and reverent, with Paradiso’s keyboards providing a subtle foundation over which Rasamayi’s soothing voice placates, accented by Paradiso’s theremin and gong and Rasamayi’s crystal merkaba and Alchemy crystal singing bowls. This CD sets the perfect mood for meditation, relaxation, or just a quiet evening. It’s even ideal for a nighttime drive, although the album’s back cover warns against driving or operating heavy machinery while listening to the record. I would say to heed this advice if you’re easily susceptible to falling asleep at the wheel while listening to quiet music or sounds. Otherwise, it’s a great accompaniment to and facilitator for driving, which is itself an act of meditation requir" Raj Manoharan



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