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About Recording Embrace

Hi Friends,

We're in California, working on the final stages of Premal's new CD.  I'm happy to be able to tell you that whatever spell we were under earlier in the year, when we began the project, has lifted! 

The music on this album is without doubt the best we've made so far.  Prem Vandan (the artist formerly known as Kit Walker) has been inspired these past weeks.  His contribution has been so valuable to us.  Vandan played a few concerts with us in Europe earlier this year, and was a big part of our Open Secret concerts in San Rafael in April.  It's always a gift to play with him. 

We also invited Jai Uttal to grace our music again with his special gifts.  Jai played dotar, which is a classical Indian instrument.  It has four strings and is plucked like a guitar.  And he also sang on one piece!  Any of you who are familiar with Jai's singing will be happy to hear this!  Can you imagine Premal and Jai singing a duet together??  It happened, and it is faaar out. 

Of course we had to have Marquinho Brasil come down again. Marquinho is just so full of life, that anything he touches wakes up ...smiles, and begins to dance!  That's the kind of musician he is. So we have numerous Brasilian percussion instruments, African and Arabian drums, bells, whistles bird calls, you name it...Marquinho played it.  Our biggest problem was to decide what not to use, the music has become so rich and abundant.

And just to illustrate how blessed we are, we even found a bansuri player!  We were looking everywhere, and just couldn't find one. Bansuri is the classical name for bamboo flute.  Jai put us in touch with a beautiful guy from Nepal, whose name in Manose.  Manose is only 25...very young for such an instrument.  Usually people study for years before they're ready to perform.  The bansuri is the sweetest of instruments, and Manose has a way of illuminating that sweetness.  We had him come down for a session, and he coloured three pieces with his magic.  An innocent magic, that compliments Premal's own brand so perfectly.  Look out for Manose, you'll be hearing and seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Add tabla maestro Ty Burhoe to the mix, singers Peter Makena, Maniko, and Sudhananda, and there you have our gifted band of musicians. What a great journey it's been.  Oh, and let's not forget Paul White, the sound guru from up in the hills!  Paul is mixing the album, and he has a way of bringing out the finest of details and making them shine right before your ears.  As for Premal and myself...well, we've never been happier with the way we sound together.  The harmonies are rich and full and Premal is singing with such depth.  The album will be called Embrace.  Now, more than ever, I feel, we all need that message.

With love, Miten.

ps..we'll let you know when it's ready!        

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