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david and steve gordon

Brothers David and Steve Gordon, owners and key artists of their very successful music label, Sequoia Records, have been creating music for over twenty years. Uniting their love for nature with the complimentary sounds of their gentle music has placed them in the annals of New Age and World Music as originators, trendsetters, top-sellers and award winners.

Their albums capture the essence of magical places, recording the sounds of nature and blending them with beautifully composed music that reflects the beauty and healing properties of those serene environments. In 1994 they began producing Native and World drumming music, which featured hand drums and lent a new reverence to the honoring of the Native American spirit for the Earth.

Their album Sacred Earth Drums became the #1 selling native drumming album in 1994, 1995 into 1996 and remains to this day still on the best-sellers lists. With this success they continued to produce: Sacred Spirit Drums, Drum Medicine and Sacred Drum Visions.

The dynamic of world dance rhythms, the serenity of native flutes, the expressiveness of guitar, the mood of synthesizers and the powerful beat of native drums, have resulted in a new kind of music, which has already proven influential in changing the direction of contemporary Native sounds and New Age music as a whole. David and Steve Gordon have pioneered New Age/World music with their award-winning top charting albums for over twenty years. Their influential trademark sound, combining world instruments and sounds of nature has sold over two million units worldwide and has appeared on network TV and major motion picture scores. Since founding Sequoia Records in 1982, the Gordon brothers have been breaking musical ground, consistently creating albums that top the charts, garner awards, and expanding the boundaries of New Age, Body/Mind & Spirit and World music. Their first six albums combined sounds of nature blended with music to reflect the beauty and healing properties of natural environments. Beginning in 1994 with their new love for Tribal drums and Native American flute, they created six more albums blending contemporary native music with traditional Native instruments. Then in 2002, they began a new sub-label, Sequoia Groove, featuring the new sounds of trip-hop lounge music.

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