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In a world of abundant musical talents and the ever-expanding New Age music genre, Ashana emerges as a consummate artist of sound and healing with a style uniquely her own. Weaving together soaring, angelic vocals in an exquisitely crafted, luminous sonic tapestry, Ashana’s music has been described as Enya meets Hildegard of Bingen. Profoundly peaceful and soothing, this stunningly beautiful alchemy penetrates and opens the heart with healing music that has been called “breathtaking” and “pure Manna, direct from Heaven.” Classically trained, Ashana graduated with a degree in vocal studies from the prestigious Mannes College of Music in New York City, and for years performed as soloist and ensemble member in New York’s early music scene. Moving from ancient to contemporary, she immersed herself in theater, jazz, pop and children’s music as performer, recording artist, songwriter and teacher.

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thomas barquee

Thomas Barquee was brought up in a Protestant family and attended church frequently, drawn in large part to the sacred music, especially that of J.S. Bach. As a young child, he was also exposed to Beethoven and the Romantic composers, beginning his own study of classical piano and composition at age nine with an internationally renowned teacher in Hamburg, Germany. His first compositions were piano pieces and string quartets, and he served as a church organist from age 16 to 18. By 16, however, Barquee's musical interest was shifting to pop and rock and roll and he even joined a punk rock band. In his mid-20's, Barquee was a busy recording session musician, and toured internationally with his own bands, had a publishing deal with ACT music & a record deal with EMI Japan, and was well on his way to European/Asian pop stardom. But somewhere along the line the world of pop stardom ended up feeling empty to Barquee. In search of new inspiration Barquee moved to Los Angeles in 1992, reinstating his dormant yoga practice (he had become a practitioner more than a decade earlier), and shifting his musical perspective to one more spiritually oriented. He still made his living from his musical skills, but stayed close to home: he engineered sessions, remixed tracks, even gave voice to a monkey in Disney's Jungle Book. One of Barquee's musical shifts was spurred by his first trip to India in the early 1980s, "I absorbed the music of India and I liked it," he says, "but at that point I wasn't ready to do anything with it; however, it did make a deep impression on me." In 2000, Barquee released his first recording since his pop-stardom days: Temple on Hearts of Space Music. He followed that with Missa and, most recently, The Sound of Om, both on Spirit Voyage Music. In making these recordings, Barquee took advantage of the breadth and depth of his spiritual practice and experience. In the last few years, Barquee has also written and produced numerous recordings for other artists, such as The Game of Chant featuring Seal, as well as Prem and Shanti for Snatam Kaur. He co-produced an album with Patrick Leonard, and scored several feature films and TV shows



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