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aum rudraksha designs

Rudraksha (Rood/rock/sha) beads are actually seeds that form naturally from the rudraksha tree. Rudra is the Vedic name for Shiva in his capacity as the forces of nature; aksha means tears. Rudraksha stems from Hindu mythology and means "the eyes of Shiva". The mythology that surrounds the rudraksha is that the Hindu god Shiva meditated on the welfare of all mankind and cried tears of compassion, peace and joy. These tears upon hitting the earth crystallized to form these seeds. The divine qualities of this bead were first noted in ancient Hindu scriptures. They bless one with peace of mind; protect against evil doers and spirits; and bless with peace and prosperity. Rudrakshas may be the earliest known form of prayer beads, having been worn since at least 1000 B.C. When worn against the skin and especially over the heart chakra, they act upon the heart by opening it and offering it protection. They are immediately cooling to the touch and pleasingly soft to the eye. Bali Malas uses rudrakshas of uncommon size (5.5mm-10mm) more commonly found rudrakshas are much larger than ours. Ours being smaller and hence more rare, are also more potent. The smaller the rudraksha the more auspicious they are. A rudraksha is believed to impart different types of benefits according to the number of segments (similar to that of an orange) or mukhi. The rudraksha berry varies in size and has smooth green skin and pulp much like a green grape. Lodged within the pulp is a single seed which has a rough surface and a hole running through it from top to bottom. It is these seeds which are the Rudraksha beads. Each seed possesses from 1-21 vertical lines running down its surface, like the longitude lines on a globe. These lines are known as mukhi and are a natural formation of the seed. We use only rudrakshas of five mukhi. It is traditionally believed that they can destroy negative thought and grant the wearer peace of mind, clarity, and purpose. Astrologically five mukhi rudrakshas reduce the harmful affects of the planet Jupiter, such as lack of peace of mind, poverty, lack of harmony. Jupiter governs knowledge and glamour, money and material. Rudrakshas of different mukhi may be special ordered. Scientifically they contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. When we wear rudraksha against our bodies we are literally carrying sacks of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Soaking up the vibration of living pure living organisms, in doing so helping many to feel "in nature". Many people believe that this helps to produce freedom from stress, depression and lethargy. Transcending science, there is an unexplainable positive powerful force manifested in rudraksha. Buddha, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and many enlightened yogi's wear/wore rudraksha beads. Today rudraksha are being sought after in the east and west by those who know the qualities of these rare beads. Anyone can wear them and benefit from these "gem of beads". The beads we use are grown on sustainable plantations in South East Asia. All beads are authentic. We use first quality untumbled beads. We check the vibration (power) of each bead. All our malas are made to the specific spiritual numbers of beads: 108 / 72 / 54. In our gold work we use top quality 22 karat gold. For silver we use highest quality 92.5% sterling. We intentionally combine powerful gems and rudrakshas to heighten the relationship to the wearer and to increase effects. Rudrakshas have a very long life, sometimes known to last up to eight generations. They are considered sacred and need to be treated with respect and care. Many develop their own personal ritual of sorts for the wearing and storing of their malas. Was them occasionally to remove dirt and dust. Oil them with coconut or sandalwood oil to preserve them. They will naturally darken with your own body oil and this is the desired effect. Remove when you sleep. It has been said that when a piece of spiritual jewelry breaks it is a "break-through" in a cycle of karma and/or old patterns. If you experience a breakthrough, please contact us for repair. We send our monthly package to Bali on the 15th of each month. Repairs may take several weeks to return.

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