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shastro Shastro is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist born in Italy.  The development of his unique musical style evolved over many years during his frequent visits to other countries including Spain, Turkey, Africa, South America and India.  These journeys were inspired by a spiritual search that led him to experience meditation in India and the opportunity to create music for various meditation techniques.

His music can best be described as relaxed world music.  He performs on Spanish guitar, Indian bamboo flutes, African kora harp, hammered dulcimer and Turkish nai flute, all with equal ease and beauty, integrating these ancient instruments into a compelling contemporary sound.

Shastro comments on music and healing:

"What I regard as Music with a capital M… is what heals.  If music doesn’t have a healing effect on me, I don’t call it music, or I should say it’s not Music, with the capital letter.  Or we could call it objective music, to use a term Gurdjeff would love.

"This Music is the language of the soul, which speaks to us about many things—about the joy overflowing from the heart, the immense silence surrounding us, the pilgrimage that we are all undertaking... about what the Buddhists call The Emptiness Of The Heart.  If music can stir these kinds of feelings in me, then it can only be healing, and if it doesn’t, then it’s not Music, in my opinion.  It’s only noise, and there is plenty of that around.  So why create more?  Music is an oasis of peace in the ever-growing noise of our man-made environment.

How to reconcile individual tastes?  What if one type of music heals for one but doesn’t for another?...
"That’s why I use the term objective music, he reiterates.  No matter who is listening to it, that music will have a healing effect because it’s coming from the source from where we are all coming from...something in your soul will be triggered, it will strike a chord deep within you.  Of course in order to notice it you will have to be a little silent, relaxed, in a receptive mode.  I mean you have to give it a chance; it’s not like aspirin!”  

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nadama Pianist and composer Nadama has traveled widely throughout the world, performing his music in America, Germany, Italy, India and Japan.  His first solo release was Heart to Heart, a mystic-romantic piano album.  He has also toured Europe with the world music bands "Terra Incognita" and "Hamsafar" and now performs mainly as a solo artist on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  In addition to his music career he has studied yoga, massage and meditation.

Melodies that go straight to the heart within spacious atmospheres have become Nadama’s signature.  About his music he says: "I want to create a space where people can connect with their hearts and disappear more into the music, where the listener can relax into his being and experience his own love and inner silence."

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