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Media Type: CD
manish vyas - Atma Bhakti - Healing Sounds of Prayer
1.) Atma (mantra 'mangalam') -32:16
2.) Bhakti (mantra 'shivaya namaha om') -29:15
3.) Vedic Chanting -5:16

Atma Bhakti - Healing Sounds of Prayer CD by Manish Vyas offers three peaceful devotional mantras and prayers as yoga music.

The magic of Bansuri, enchanting and hypnotic vocals, Indian harp, tanpura, Buddhist bells, devotional mantras and prayers, softly and beautifully combine to give a sense of overall peace and well being, as if being caressed by a loving touch. These pieces are an invitation to let go, to forget time and space, to decelerate from the outer world, fuse with existence… and simply just ‘be.’

Manish Vyas, composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from India, has emerged as a unique phenomenon in the world of fusion and devotional music. He grew up in a family of musicians and studied music with some of the most recognized pandits in India. From a young age, he followed a path deeply marked by two spiritual masters, Osho and Gurudev, who had an amazing impact in his life. These events have shaped his musical path, characterizing it by a deep genuine knowledge of Indian music and its true nature, as well as an awareness of the outer music as a re¬ection of one´s inner sounds and vibrations… all this conveying a deeper feeling that cannot be described - but can be heard and felt.

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