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Media Type: CD
manose - Call Within (The)
1.) A Flute and Thunder -5:03
2.) Gentle Awakening -9:52
3.) Whisper & Leaves -5:05
4.) Notes of the Stream -5:06
5.) Invocation -6:19

The Call Within CD by Manose offers solo bamboo flute music and nature sounds for yoga music, relaxation and enjoyment.

Perfect for meditative moods, all acoustic masterpiece collection from world renowned Himalayan artist brings relaxation and transformation--featuring bansuri bamboo flute, hang drum, kalimba and nature sounds personally collected over 15 years of travel.

"As a small boy in the Himalayas, I found myself one night in the thrall of a sound that awakened something in my core; since then, my life has been guided by the search for this experience; using my music, I express the longing to answer this call within."

1. A Flute & Thunder (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute & Nature Sounds) - 5:03
2. Gentle Awakening (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute, Kalimba & Nature Sounds) - 9:50 
3. Whisper & Leaves (Instrumental Meditation With Native American Flute & Nature Sounds) - 5:06    
4. Notes of the Stream (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute & Nature Sounds) -   5:06   
5. Invocation (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute, Hang Drum & Nature Sounds) - 6:18   
6. Duet With Crickets (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute & Nature Sounds) - 8:00  
7. Coyote's Path (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute & Nature Sounds) - 4:27 
8. Land of the Medicine Buddha (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute, Singing Bowls & Nature Sounds) - 7:13    
9. Union of Earth & Ocean (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute & Nature Sounds) - 5:13
10. Call Within (Instrumental Meditation With Bamboo Flute, Ukulele, Voice & Nature Sounds)

Do you enjoy The Call Within CD by Manose?  See below for  flute music, yoga music and relaxation music.

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