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Media Type: CD
jonathan goldman & andy goldman - Chakra Brainwave Harmonizer
1.) Crown Center -4.00
2.) Third Eye -4.04
4.) Heart Center -4.08
7.) Root Center -7.07

Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer CD by Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman offers chakra healing music for massage, bodywork and energy balancing.

Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer is a revolutionary recording, a sound that simultaneously balances the chakras and brainwaves.

Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer by world-renowned Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman and Andi, his psychotherapist wife, employs sacred sounds and sonic frequencies that work on both the body and its energy system. This CD balances and aligns both brainwaves and chakras at the same time creating an incredible harmonious listening experience.
Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer is great by itself. Even better with headphones! Includes: Chakra Tones, Sacred Vowel Sounds, Bija Mantras, Pythagorean Tuning Fork, Sonic Entrainment Frequencies, and much more. With 16 page book of extensive liner notes on the creation and uses of this astounding recording.

"This CD is a keeper! It is fun especially in as much as it actually works. Taking two sound technologies and combining them so that you are bathed in the sonics of both is a remarkable experience that indeed creates the harmonizing effect the title claims. This is a great recording." Greg Ozimek, phenomeNEWS

"This recording represents a new musical first –it simultaneously balances the chakras and brainwaves creating a harmonious listening experience that will improve any listener’s health and serenity." Joanne Tedesco, Aznet News

"Upon my first experience with The Harmonizer all I could say was “Wow!” There was such a shift of consciousness that I was drawn into a place beyond the linguistic analytic mind. The Harmonizer is groundbreaking in that it provides a tangible method for directly experiencing the dynamic inter-relationship with our chakras and our brain." Jim Powell, AllSounds

1. The Crown Center 4:00
2. The Third Eye 4:08
3. The Throat Center 3:55
4. The Heart Center 4:07
5. The Navel Center 3:43
6. The Sacral Center 4:24
7. The Root Center 6:50
8. The Sacral Center 4:24
9. The Navel Center 3:43
10. The Heart Center 4:07
11. The Throat Center 3:56
12. The Third Eye 4:08
13. The Crown Center 4:00

This CD was formerly released as Tantra of Sound Harmonizer. This new version Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer features extraordinary original artwork, updated liner notes and enhanced sonics.

Enjoy Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer by Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman?  See below for more chakra music and healing music.  

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