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Media Type: CD
sophia - Chakra Healing Chants
2.) Second Chakra: Uma ... Jai Ma! -9:25
3.) Third Chakra: The Orbit ... Nam Myoho -5:37
8.) Integration: The Beginning

Chakra Healing Chants CD by Sophia offers new age music of a musical sacred sounds journey for chakra meditations.

Journey through the chakras on a river of sacred sound: drawing on a deep, universal wellspring of inspiration, these words and melodies ascend from base to crown, weaving together the ancient, modern and timeless.

Based on the pure tones of the vowel sounds that have been shown to activate and heal the chakras, each track on Chakra Healing Chants features the potent invocations of the sacred Hebrew names or 'Sefirot', which are drawn from seven levels of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as they correspond to the seven chakras.

Each of these chakra meditations provides the pulse and rhythm, the heartbeat, that drives each piece. Together, they guide us, energizing, integrating and aligning our whole being so that we may become clearer channels between Heaven and Earth.

This work is dedicated to the tuning of the 'inner flute' through which the Divine plays our own unique melody, and to the joyous embodiment of Sacred Sound.

Chakra Healing Chants TRACKS:
1. First Chakra: Gaia Shekhinah Nama Om 8:46   
2. Second Chakra: Uma … Jai Ma! 9:25   
3. Third Chakra: The Orbit … Nam Myoho 5:37   
4. Fourth Chakra: Heart Of Earth 7:54   
5. Fifth Chakra: Thy Song 6:31   
6. Sixth Chakra: Infinite Wisdom 8:27   
7. Seventh Chakra: Be Still 5:37   
8. Integration: The Beginning

Enjoy Chakra Healing Chants CD by Sophia?  See below for more chakra healing music.

Sophia : Vocals, Overtone chanting, Tamboura & Zither
David Gordon : Native Flute, Log drums, Grand Piano, Spirit Rattle, Palm Seed, Rattle, Conga, Rainstick
Raphael : Synthesizers and Keyboard Arrangements
Hans Christian : Cello, Electric Bass, Nyckelharpa, Synthesizers, Percussion, Frame Drum
Girish Gambhira : Tablas, Mridangam, Udu Drum
Schawkie Roth : Bamboo Flute
Gary Stadler : Synthesizer Drone
Robin Silver : Synthesizer Percussion
Wayne Perry : Overtone Chanting, Low Vocal
Lyra Donnavair : Background Vocal
Kim Waters : Tambourine



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