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Media Type: CD
david ison - Chakra Healing Music
1.) Descending Into Your Body -25:49
2.) Ascending Into Your Essence -24:44

Chakra Healing Music - Awaken Your Inner Source of Healing and Transformation CD by David Ison offers deeply relaxing music.

Chakra Healing Music releases blockages in your physical and energetic bodies. As you listen, you will experience waves of relaxation and expanding emotional freedom. From this deep and open place, healing occurs spontaneously and new possibilities for living emerge.

Chakra Healing Music Track 1 - Descending Into Your Body
Your transformational musical journey begins as universal energy enters from above through your open crown chakra. As it descends through your energetic body it resonates and sparks each chakra, aligning you with this life-giving energy that surrounds us all.

Chakra Healing Music Track 2 - Ascending Into Your Essence
Your journey continues as the energy now turns and rises up from your root chakra. Each energy center is now opened and awakened, and you are able to receive the essential qualities contained in each.

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