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Media Type: CD
jonathan goldman - Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants
1.) Base Chakra - Ruby Resonance -10.59
4.) Heart Chakra - Rose of Compassion -10:07
5.) Throat Chakra - Egyptian Blue -10.28
7.) Crown Chakra - Diamond Light -10:37

Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants CD by Jonathan Goldman is excellent New Age music and soundscapes for healing music and meditation music with singing bowls.

Sound Healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman's Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants creates soothing soundscapes for deep relaxation and chakra healing. It features Goldman’s extraordinary chakra chanting, as well as Crystal Tones’ gorgeous sounds of over 20 different harmonically tuned Quartz Crystal Bowls. The vocal chants and bowls calms and relax, attuning listeners to powerful energies of transformation.

Track list:

1. Base Chakra—Ruby Resonance 10:59
2. Sacral Chakra—Ocean Gold 10:23
3. Navel Chakra—Citrine Fire 10:29
4. Heart Chakra—Rose of Compassion 10:07
5. Throat Chakra—Egyptian Blue 10:28
6. 3rd Eye Chakra—Indigo Vision 10:35
7. Crown Chakra—Diamond Light 10:37

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