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Media Type: CD
various artists - Dalai Lama Renaissance CD
2.) Beginnings
3.) Prayer for Peace
4.) Om Mani Padme Om
5.) Yar
6.) Drops of Gold
7.) Moksha
8.) Snow Lion of Peace
9.) Ever Changing
10.) Bassant Blue

Dalai Lama Renaissance CD is the soundtrack for the DVD and offers world music from Tibet, India, Iran and the Americas.

This musical journey is the soundtrack to the documentary film Dalai Lama Renaissance, narrated by Harrison Ford. The film has won 12 awards, and inspired and profoundly impacted audiences around the world in hundreds of cinemas and over 40 international film festivals. Critics have called the film 'A stunning tour-de-force' and 'an extraordinary portrait of His Holiness at work.'

Contemplative, contemporary sounds from Tibet, India, Iran and the Americas comprise the soundtrack, an enlightening journey ranging from Indian modes and Sufi poetry to jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms -- all mirroring the Dalai Lama’s joy of compassion and deep humility.

Overlaid with pearls of wisdom, in the Dalai Lama's own words and with the voice of Harrison Ford, this original musical mosaic embodies the experiences and universal truths His Holiness personifies.

Dalai Lama Renaissance CD Tracks:

1. Prayer for His Holiness Techung 0:13
2. Beginnings Tyabji/Verma 2:07
3. Prayer for Peace HHDL/Techung/Medicine Bear/Tyabji/ 3:20
4. Om Mani Padme Om Techung/Tyabji/Medicine Bear 2:26
5. Yar Heyraneh/ Tyabji/ManzikaDalai Lama 3:01
6. Drops of Gold Medicine Bear/Tyabji/DJ E-FO 1:58
7. Moksha Verma/Tyabji/Ekbote/Rodriguez 3:18
8. Snow Lion of Peace Techung 7:24
9. Ever Changing Medicine Bear/Tyabji 2:23
10. Bassant Blue Yoginis/Tyabji 3:16
11. Rainbow Body Techung/Tyabji 1:40
12. Chod (excerpt) Lama Wangdu/Medicine Bear/Tyabji 2:02
13. Terma Medicine Bear/Tyabji 3:11
14. Lhasang Techung 3:29
15. Perfect Motivation Techung/Tyabji/Lama Wangdu 3:13
16. Bhumi Techung 1:15
17. Crazy Wisdom HHDL/Tyabji/Medicine Bear 2:39
18. Medicine Buddha Dharamsala Monks 2:07
19. Jog Jazz Yoginis/Harrison Ford 4:25
20. Vajra Techung 1:18
21. Sweet Fragrance Verma/Ekbote/Tyabji 2:07
22. New Delhi Streets Tyabji 0:21
23. Happy Life Medicine Bear 2:40
24. Rag Dun Dharamsala Monks 0:51
25. Lady of Great Bliss Lama Wangdu Rinpoche 0:55
26. Alap Verma 7:18

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