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Media Type: CD
steven halpern - Deep Alpha
1.) Deep Alpha 8 Hz (Pt 1) -4:45
2.) Deep Alpha 8 Hz (Pt 2) -5:14
3.) Deep Alpha 8 Hz (Pt 3) -5:39
4.) Deep Alpha 8 Hz (Pt 4) -3:57
5.) Deep Alpha 8 Hz (Pt 5) -5:14

Deep Alpha CD by Steven Halpern offers brain technology for deep relaxation, healing and new age music.

From the very first notes of this career-best recording, Steven Halpern takes you on an inner journey that quiets the mind and opens the heart. These atmospheric compositions create sacred space in which time seems to stand still. The music invites you to be at peace in the eternal Now.

Deep Alpha is the ideal companion to his Billboard-charting Deep Theta.

Amplifying the uplifting effects of the music itself, Aural-SyncTM brainwave synchronization tones gently guide your brain into a deep alpha state of 8 cycles per second (8 Hz). Your heart and brain naturally synchronize with the fundamental harmonics of the earth itself, making this soundtrack ideal for personal and Global Coherence meditations for peace.

Featuring the healing tones of the legendary Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano and subtle sustained harmonies, Deep Alpha is an instant classic that you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

Benefits of Accessing the Alpha Zone:

When we get deeply relaxed, our body becomes a harmonically tuned oscillating system pulsing between 7.83 and 8 cycles per second, characterized by a natural attunement between our brain, heart and the Earth. Itzhak Bentov and Dr. Andrijah Puharich, two legendary scientists and personal mentors, measured the energy coming out of a healer’s hands at 8 Hz as well.

That’s why when we access and spend time resonating at this precise frequency, it’s naturally relaxing and rejuvenating. Being in this state empowers and supports our innate healing energies.

Listening to even one song can shift your state any time you want. Listening to the entire album, especially with headphones, delivers even greater benefits.

About Aural-SyncTM Brainwave Entrainment: My High Coherence SoundscapeTM series also includes Deep Theta (4-7 Hz) and Sleepscape Delta (1-3 Hz). Each album creates a precise sound matrix that provides precise experiences in the target brainwave frequencies. You may hear the tones at the beginning of each song, then they are blended into the music. For musicality, I mask the entrainment tones with a soft, sustained ‘bed’ of sound to modulate the silences between the phrases.

Composed and Produced by Steven Halpern
Steven Halpern: Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano, additional keyboards
Michael Manring: Fretless Electric Bass
Paul McCandless: Oboe • Warren Kahn: Tambura (sampled)

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