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Media Type: CD
kevin kern - Enchanted Piano
1.) Pastel Reflections
2.) Through the Arbor
3.) Imagination's Key
4.) A Gentle Whisper
5.) Sundial Dreams

Enchanted Piano CD by Kevin Kern offers instrumental music, piano music for relaxation, enjoyment and yoga music.

Kevin, a child prodigy who was discovered, hands on the keyboard over his head, playing “Silent Night” when he was only 18 months old and by the time he was two, Kevin could play 20 Christmas carols using both hands.

Some say Kevin’s compositions can be compared melodically to classical music and wonder which composer’s music influences him most. Primarily Bach’s, which Kevin says is like the pyramids; the stones, or notes, fit together without mortar.

Executive Producer Terence Yallop says, “One of the joys of working with Kevin is his ability to create a picture in his mind and translate it into an exquisite melody. If I say ‘meadow,’ Kevin paints a sound meadow with all of its resonant beauty.” Kern considers himself a sensualist and likes having Terence suggest a mood or scene for him to describe musically. Because Kevin lives in a world that lacks the crisp detail of the fully sighted, his powers of concentration and description through music are intensified. Many of his compositions are filled with the sights, sounds and scents of the natural world -- of gardens, mountains, the ocean and all of their soothing, healing, comforting and uplifting qualities. Kern says, “To think that my music is touching people I’ve never met and from all over the world is such a joy. Bringing this kind of music to others is what my life is really about.”

Kern performs in triumphant tours through Asia where sold out performances, including one at the beautiful Esplanade Theatre in Singapore, lead to encores and standing ovations. Audiences in Korea invariably break into enthusiastic applause each time they recognized the beginning of one of his much-loved compositions. Kern has truly become a universal name for beautiful, relaxing music.

Enchanted Piano TRACKS:
1. Pastel Reflections 4:16
2. Through The Arbor 3:23
3. Imagination's Key 3:21
4. A Gentle Whisper 3:57
5. Sundial Dreams 4:05
6. Childhood Remembered 4:05
7. Remembering The Light 4:05
8. I Am Always Right Here 3:17
9. Into The Realm 3:38
10. Hide And Seek 4:09
11. The Enchanted Garden 5:07

Enjoy Enchanted Piano CD by Kevin Kern? See below for instrumental music and relaxation music.

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