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Media Type: 7"x 9" in size Laminated Card
dharma altar cards - Four Immeasurables

The Four Immeasurables Dharma Altar Card is 7"x9" in size and is protected with thick optical-quality lamination (10ml) for long life and contains the Buddhist teaching of the four sublime expressions of love for meditation and contemplation practices.

The Four Immeasurables Dharma Altar Card is incredibly beautiful. The Four Immeasurables are shown over an exquisite thangka painting of the Bodhisattva White Tara, the Compassionate Mother of Long Life. The deeper wisdom contained in each of the Four Immeasurables is revealed by illuminating commentaries on the back of the card.

The Four Immeasurables are:  Loving-kindness (Metta), Compassion (Karuna), Sympathetic Joy (Mudita) and Equanimity (Upekkha) and are the sublime expressions of love: the essential nature and radiance of the enlightened heart. They are also known as the Four Limitless Ones, The Four Sublime States, The Four Boundless States and the Brahmaviharas or Divine Abodes. These four qualities of true love are said to be sublime, noble, and most excellent for they are the ideal way of relating with all living beings.

These four sublime qualities of love are called immeasurable because their capacity to purify the heart and generate positive energy is beyond measure. In addition, as this sublime love grows within us through our sincere dharma practice, it extends immeasurably to all living beings throughout all realms of existence. The Buddha suggests we remain in this loving state of being at all times. This he refers to as the "Sublime Abiding."

Your purchase greatly assists our Naljor Prison Dharma Service in bringing the "seeds of liberation" to those behind prison walls

Enjoy The Four Immeasurables Dharma Teaching Altar Card?  See below for more meditation tools and altar cards.

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