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Media Type: CD
david and steve gordon - Garden of Serenity II
1.) Zen Garden, Part l: Stillness Of The White Cloud
2.) Monet's Garden, Part l: Variations On Reverie By Claude Debussy
3.) Zen Garden, Part ll: Soul-Bird In Infinite Blue
4.) Monet's Garden, Part ll: Further Variations On Reverie By Claude Debussy

Garden of Serenity II CD by David and Steve Gordon offers New Age music for relaxation, yoga music and healing music ambiance.

The follow-up album to the Gordon’s first Garden of Serenity, one of the most popular music and nature titles in history. Return to the garden as blissful Shakuhachi flute, harp, temple bells, wind chimes, flowing water and songbirds radiate ever-present peace.

Enjoy Garden of Serenity II CD by David and Steve GordonSee below for more New Age music for relaxation.

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