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Media Type: CD
karma moffett - Golden Bowls
1.) Track 1

Golden Bowls CDby Karma Moffett offers relaxation & healing music of antique hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowls for meditation music and yoga music.

Golden Bowls
, recorded at the Land of the Medicine Buddha Monastery in 1995, is an international classic in the field of meditation music.  It is also extensively used as a background for massage, tai chi and yoga.     

Twenty-three years ago Karma Moffett was one of the first artists to record the music of antique hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowls.  The 13-bowl set played on Golden Bowls represents an 18-year process of collecting only the finest bowls of superior quality and harmonically attuned. 

As the Tibetan Singing Bowls are played randomly, complex harmonics build on top of the primary tones of the bowls, creating an expansive, ethereal experience.  The bowls have a wide range of notes from deep, resonant bass notes to delicate bell-like high notes. 

"The tones from these bowls are designed to penetrate the particles of rainbow dust which hold together this impermanent illusion." - Karma Moffett 

Enjoy Golden Bowls CD by Karma Moffett? See below for more Relaxation & Healing music, Tibetan & Nepali music and yoga music.



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