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Media Type: CD
ashana with thomas barquee - Jewels of Silence
1.) Heart of Gaia -8:32
2.) Still Light on Water -9:57
3.) Soulmerge -9:34
4.) Hymn -9:27
5.) Canticle of Light -9:27

Jewels of Silence CD by Ashana and Thomas Barquee, are Sanskrit mantras for meditation, healing and savasana yoga.

The inspiration for Jewels of Silence came out of the many requests Ashana received over the years for a CD of her crystal singing bowl sound meditations.  These meditations weave together prayer, guided visualization, color, toning, mantra and crystal singing bowls, on a journey of light and sound through the seven main energy centers in the body, commonly known as the chakras, moving upwards from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

When Thomas and Ashana first came together to record it was their intention to create something that evoked the feeling of this experience, and being the artists that they are, also to infuse it with beauty and music.  Once they began, they simply opened up the space and allowed the sounds and music to come through.  And so, of course, Jewels of Silence took on a life of its own and became more than either one of them ever could have imagined.

'It is our prayer that the gentle peace of Jewels of Silence will help you go deep within so that you may rest in the quiet stillness of your being.  We offer it to you from our hearts to yours, with gratitude and praise for the eternal light that shines in all.'  - Ashana

1. Heart of Gaia 08:34
2. Still Light On Water 09:58
3. Soulmerge 09:36
4. Hymn 09:29
5. Canticle of Light 09:29
6. Vision 09:36
7. Sanctus 09:53

Enjoy Jewels of Silence CD by Ashana and Thomas Barquee?  See below for more healing music, meditation music, chakra music and yoga music.

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