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Media Type: CD
jaya lakshmi with ananda - Kirtronica
1.) Jai Ambe
2.) Radhe
3.) Sita Ram
4.) Jai Ganesh
5.) Nataraj

Kirtronica by Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda offers mantras and yoga music in English, Sanskrit and Gurumukhi.

Kirtan, India's gift of ecstatic chant to the world, has the power to sweep us into the heart of divine love and surrender like no other music on the planet. What happens when it merges with the dance-oriented grooves of the electronica scene's most talented artists? The answer is Kitronica, a genre-defining excursion into the next evolution of spiritually-charged voice and rhythm.

On Kirtronica celebrated vocalist Jaya Lakshmi channels sacred energy into somatic, ecstatic rhythms that compel us to move and flow with the loving, bio-luminescent pulse of the great cosmic dance.

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s music is a glimmering reflection of what is possible in the realms of transcendental love. They sing and play music that initiates deep healing and opens the heart to divine joy, sharing the grace they have been given through their partnership. Alternating guitar, harmonium, bass, tabla and vocal weaving, they create a magic together that sets the stage for the Devas and Devis to dance upon. Offering a combination of kirtan (call and response singing) mantra repetition, bhajan and original songs, they mix English, Sanskrit and Gurumukhi as a bridge for all those who have been mysteriously called to Yoga and teachings from India.

About Jaya Lakshmi:
Inspired by the deep devotional mood of Indian singing and music, Jaya Lakshmi began leading kirtan with harmonium and 12 string guitar and writing her own devotional songs in the early 1990's on the island of Hawaii, shortly after receiving harinam initiation from Srila Govinda Maharaj, a great Vaisnava saint from West Bengal, India, who graciously bestowed on her the name "Jaya Lakshmi", which means "victory to the goddess Lakshmi", the Hindu goddess of fortune and spiritual wealth.

Jaya Lakshmi has since created 4 solo albums on Sequoia Records. She is also known as the lead singer and songwriter for the techno-tribal group 'Lost at Last' that toured the US West and produced 3 albums during the years of 1997-2004. She continues to explore the format of mixing of electronica and sacred chant ('kirtronica') through composing and performing with Ableton LIVE.

Her ecstatic singing and kirtan leading, often accompanied by other talented artists, has had a powerful effect amongst various communities in the islands of Hawaii, the West Coast, and Europe, always creating a deep sense of intimacy with the divine. Jaya Lakshmi has a unique style that blends beauty, power and purity to create a truly transcendental sound driven by her deep connection with spirit. A gifted songwriter, she weaves English, Sanskrit and prayers of other spiritual traditions with musical influences from India, indigenous trance, Celtic, psychedelic and folk rock.

Since coming together with Ananda in November 2010, Jaya Lakshmi has been steadily involved in their collaboration of sacred music projects and special events including recording, touring, retreats and teaching yoga together.
She is the mother of two beautiful daughters.

About Ananda:
Ananda is a musician, who like many have been inspired by the Indian influences of Yoga and Bhakti. His own path took him deeply into the ancient teachings of Yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. His music has a unique blissful energy current supported by mantras with roots in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi, the Sikh holy language.

With Ananda's musical influences from people and groups like Snatam Kaur, Shimshai, the Beatles and Bob Marley, one can't help but feel the sincere connection he has made with his soul and how it touches the listeners. It is music aimed to bridge Eastern and Western paths so that they merge at the only place they can, infinite love. Ananda's music is for healing, joy, bliss, communion, yoga, love, and ultimately the experience of the divine within each of us.

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