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Media Type: CD
snatam kaur - Liberations Door
1.) Servant of Peace -7:11
2.) Liberations Door -10:58
3.) Crimson -5:01
5.) Har Har Ram Das Guru Hai -8:16
6.) Pritham Bhagaautee -7:04
7.) Charan Sat Sat -6:53
8.) Ardas Bhayee -9:21
9.) Cherdi Kalaa -9:44

Liberation's Door CD by Snatam Kaur is perfect Gurmukhi mantra meditation music and spiritual music for kundalini yoga.

After spending 2 years touring and writing new music, Snatam Kaur releases Liberation’s Door, an album written and recorded as she experienced the magical creativity of her first pregnancy. Liberation’s Door builds on the fluid, soaring music that Snatam is known for, but raises it to a new level with her maternal energy unleashing a depth of emotion and richness beyond anything we’ve heard from Snatam before. Blending Gurmukhi mantra, Shabds (traditional Sikh prayers put to music) and the sweetest of songs, Snatam lays her heart and her devotion at the feet of the listener. With cello, flute, tabla, keyboards, sarangi and GuruGanesha’s signature guitar cradling her crystalline voice, Snatam’s music will carry your spirit straight to Liberation’s Door.

Other artists featured on Liberation's Door are: Thomas Barquee, Manish Vyas, Protush Banerjee, Domonic Breaux, Sandip Chaterjee, Greg Ellis, Cameron Stone, Shabhayu Sen Majumdar, Shakti Nag, Satnan Singh Ramgotra and Simone Sello.

'Thousands of people are needing to seek refuge. Snatam Kaur brings a peace, a love, a joy, a light to all. The language of the heart is song. She carries us to realm of love and light. You feel god.'  - Gurmukh - World Renowned Yoga Teacher, Author, Owner of Golden Bridge LA.

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