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Media Type: CD
peter kater - Light Body
1.) Root Chakra
2.) Sacral Chakra
3.) Solar Plexus Chakra
4.) Heart Chakra
5.) Throat Chakra

Light Body CD by 7-time Grammy Nominee Peter Kater offers new age music, piano instrumentals and ambient vocals for relaxation, Hospice music and yoga music.

As of December 8, 2012 Light Body has been nominated for the 'Best New Age Album' Grammy Award!!

The music of Light Body was created as an uplifting and supportive audial companion for life’s many challenges, transitions and metamorphosis. It has been found to be particularly healing, comforting and inspiring for people facing everything from common daily stress, disease, trauma and even the process of dying.

Light Body, using the seven chakras as a map, is a musical journey towards love, peace and acceptance that can provide significant support and relief to individuals and loved ones facing life changing circumstances.

Light Body
was born out of a collaboration of ideas that Producer/Pianist Peter Kater and Executive Producer/Vocalist Trish Bowden tossed around after meeting and becoming friends on a whale watching retreat he put on in Maui.They both have been drawn to the idea of helping people in Hospice with music. This was really an idea conceived out of noticing a gap in care for those people in pain, going through change and of course those facing the dying process. This includes their loved ones. Knowing that the sense of hearing is the last sense to stay with us as we leave our bodies, we know that the last music we hear should be comforting , remove fear, should trigger pleasant memories and feelings of belonging. With this in mind, Light Body was born.

Peter used the natural 7 Chakra energy pathway as a map to create a musical journey towards love, peace and acceptance. Peter is an amazing producer as well as a composer and pianist, and is able to bring out the best in everyone he works with.

Light Body
CD is music that music therapists, massage therapists, healing arts practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, hospice workers and anyone looking for balance and peace in their practice or in their own lives can carry with them and access at any time. Even the painting on the cover, by artist Valerie McManus, was commissioned and designed specifically for Light Body to encourage a feeling of peace and enlightenment.

Relax and enjoy the journey towards Light Body.

A portion of all sales of the Light Body CD and G'clee Prints goes to charitable organizations for Hospice and the Healing Arts.

Musicians on Light Body:

Peter Kater - Piano, Synthesizers
Paul McCandless - Oboe, Penny Whistles, English Horn, Saxophones
Trisha Bowden - Vocals

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