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Media Type: CD
jahnavi harrison - Like a River to the Sea
1.) Vrikshavalli Hare Krishna - Feat. Gaura Vani
2.) Ceili In Braj! (Hari Haraye)
3.) Hymn For Govinda (Govindam Adi Purusham)
4.) Mayapur Dawn (Gaurahari)
5.) Heart On Fire (Hari Hari Bifale)

Like a River to the Sea CD by Jahnavi Harrison offers kirtan chanting music and mantra as yoga music with Gaura Vani producing and Jai Uttal’s award-winning engineer Ben Leinbach mixing.

"Jahnavi Harrison’s CD takes us on a journey. Sometimes it’s to a holy site like Pandharpur, Mayapur, or Vrindavana, evoking a real sense of place. Often, though, it’s deep into our own hearts, to connect with our true selves and deepest yearnings.

Like A River to the Sea, with its ten-minute tracks and often meditative pace, may not be for every mood. But there’s enough variety here for everyone. And Jahnavi’s deep, sincere devotion is refreshing and catching, attracting a wide audience to the Holy Name -- last week, incredibly, the album reached number eight on the Billboard World Music charts.

Jahnavi has toured with kirtan artist Gaura Vani, chanting and playing her trademark violin at yoga studios across North America, South Africa, India, and Australia, and reaching out to a wider audience back home with Kirtan London.

The album’s title is a reference to the famous prayer by Queen Kunti to Lord Krishna, “As the River Ganges forever flows to the sea without hindrance, let my attraction be constantly drawn towards You without being diverted to anything else.”

The watercolor and pencil cover image by Jahnavi herself is a beautifully peaceful and evocative depiction of a young woman looking out at her boat navigating its way down the river of life. The image is based on wisdom from the late Yamuna Devi, an early disciple of Srila Prabhupada who deeply inspired many ISKCON youth including Jahnavi.

Jahnavi has an impressive host of musical talent – including Asha McCarthy on cello, Ravi on the West Africa kora harp, Purusartha Das on bass, Gaura Vani on guitar, Namarasa on mridanga, and Jahnavi’s father Kripamoya, sister Tulasi, and brother Namamali on vocals – serve up a diverse mix of styles.

“For people already familiar with kirtan, I hope it can give some fresh inspiration, and serve their meditation in some way,” she says. “And for an audience new to kirtan, I hope that it’s artistically appealing enough that it connects them with spiritual sound vibration and makes them want to keep coming back. I think that Srila Prabhupada really believed in music, dance, and drama as very powerful mediums to connect with people. And I see a renaissance happening now in devotional art, which I hope is going to captivate peoples’ hearts and minds.” - Review by ISKCON NEWS

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