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Media Type: CD
sri kirtan - Live Your Love
1.) Govinda
2.) Live Your Love
3.) Sri Ram
4.) Jai Jagadambe
5.) Madhura - Radhe Krishna

Live Your Love CD by SRI Kirtan offers Kirtan Mantras and Chant for devotion and yoga.

Coming from Woodstock, NY, the epicenter of the “Bhajan Belt,” SRI Kirtan are a community force and magnet for kirtan. That same community gives back their love on the heart-warming anthem song that finishes Live Your Love, ‘Ganga Ma’. “Recording ‘Ganga Ma’ was quite a day in the studio. Julie Last (Producer) had to really keep the focus on the task at hand,” says Ishwari. Sruti Ram adds, “We had 45 members of the Woodstock Kirtan Community as the chorus. It was such a blast. You can really hear that family mood and love for chanting come through.”

Each song on Live Your Love holds a view of the divine world from a different perspective. Together, they make a panoramic view of a spirit-infused world, where there is no age, no death and no disease, but simply bliss and full expression. Delivering over seventy minutes of transplanting vibration, Live Your Love is an album you won’t want to miss. And SRI Kirtan is a band you will hear about for a long time to come.

Calling in all the troops, Live Your Love is a true gathering of the kirtan community and a testament to how caring and conscious the music scene is. As Sruti Ram exclaimed, “It was unbelievable. One day Steve Gorn (one of the most famous bansuri flute players in the western world), is in the studio, next Visvambhar from The Mayapuris is laying down blistering drum beats!” Adding to the fun, SriKala, a young, yet highly successful underground Brooklyn rapper, lays down heartfelt lyrics and devotion on several tracks including the title track ‘Live Your Love’. Other guest artists include Charlie “Govind” Burnham on violin, Noah Hoffeld on cello, Kyle Esposito on bass and electric guitar and Curtis Bahn on dilruba and sitar.

Enjoy Live Your Love CD by SRI Kirtan?  See below for more Kirtan Mantras and Chants for yoga.



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