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Media Type: CD
shantala - Living Waters
1.) Homage -2:05
2.) Brahmanandam -6:35
3.) Sada Shivom -10:15
4.) Kothbiro /Jaya Radhe -8:36
5.) Wahe Guru -9:28

Living Waters CD by Benjy & Heather Wertheimer, known as Shantala, offers gentle mantras with Indian music as yoga music.

Living Waters is a beautiful blend of gentle mantras with currents of Indian music to carry the listener into the depths of yoga practice, chanting and relaxation. The music creates a sense of calmness, centering and peace.

Shantala is accompanied by extraordinary musicians including Alam Khan, Steve Gorn, Tina Malia, Jami Sieber, Sean Frenette, Ben Leinbach and more. These pieces were conceived, arranged and recorded over a period of five years, and Shantala finished Living Waters in the wake of their pilgrimage to India in 2014, where they were able to experience the deepest part of the river. This recording emerged from over a decade in which Shantala accompanied yoga workshops, often composing new material in the moment to provide an exquisite musical environment for deep relaxation at the end of practice.

A number of Shantala's teachers and friends, including Paul Muller-Ortega, Douglas Brooks, and Manorama, provided special mantras which were then set to music. Alam Khan, the son of the late Ali Akbar Khan (Benjy's guru in Indian classical music), created a special solo piece on sarode entitled "Homage" for the opening track. Alam continues in a duet with Benjy's esraj, answering Heather's singing of the first chant "Brahmanandam." Shantala's first world fusion piece inspired by music from east Africa is a magical arrangement of the song "Kothbiro" by Kenyan artist Ayub Ogada. It features the vocals and guitar work of virtuoso musician Sean Frenette and the soulful cello of Jami Sieber.

The artists offer Living Waters as a prayer for a more tranquil world and in support of spiritual practice.

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