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Media Type: CD
aykanna - Mantra Mala
1.) Jap Man Sat Naam
2.) Wahe Guru
3.) Be the Light
4.) I Love You, I Thank You
5.) Light of My Soul

Mantra Mala CD by Aykanna offers mantras and chanting music for yoga music.

AYKANNA is a stunning musical duo created by Sukhdev Jackson and Grammy nominated percussionist Akahdahmah. Together they merge sacred chants with uplifting music. Its the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and Aykanna is making the kind of art that is a powerful representation of what this age is about. Truth, freedom and to know that the responsibility to make a change is on us. Aykanna means the pipeline between heaven and earth from the ancient sacred Arameic texts.

Mantra: These mantras are scientifuc tools for these changing times. They are a point of focus to quiet the busy thoughts in our mind. Repetition of these mantras creates an oasis for us to discover who we really are. We can overcome fear of the unknown and thrive during these transitional times by using mantras.

The musicians on Mantra Mala include Benjamin Davis, Grecco Buratto, Eric Soullivan, Jamie Papish, Namliv and Hans Christian on Cello, Sarangi, Keys and Sitara.

Mantra Mala TRACKS:
1. Jap Man Sat Nam 5:58
2. Wahe Guru ( 11min Meditation) 11:02
3. Be the Light 4:33
4. I Love You, I Thank You 3:30
5. Light of My Soul 7:44
6. Manipura 4:45
7. Aap Sohai Hoa (11 Min Meditation) 12:19
9. Guru Ram Das 5:48

Enjoy Mantra Mala CD by Aykanna? See below for more mantras and chanting music for yoga music.

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