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Media Type: CD
mayapuris - Mridanga
1.) Song of Nadia
2.) Rama Chandra (featuring Jai Uttal)
3.) Con-un-drum
4.) Shiva Shiva
5.) Jai Sri Krishna
7.) Mridanga!
11.) Invoking the Ancients

Mridanga CD by The Mayapuris showcases kirtan and Sanskrit mantras for yoga music and dance, with special guests including Jai Uttal, Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits and Benjy Wertheimer of Shantala.

The Mayapuris have crash-landed into the kirtan/chant genre, quickly becoming one of the most talked-about groups in this growing genre. Named after the Mridanga, a clay and leather drum from Mayapur, India where kirtan/ chant music originated; this album, Mridanga. showcases the musical versatility of The Mayapuris. Special guests include grammy-nominated Jai Uttal, Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits and Benjy Wertheimer of Shantala.

Mridanga Tracks:

1. Song of Nadia
2. Rama Chandra (feat. Jai Uttal)
3. Conundrum
4. Shiva Shiva
5. Jai Sri Krsna
6. Jai Sri Radhe (feat. Gaura Vani & AKS)
7. Mridanga!
8. Maha Mantra
9. Gopinath (feat. Benjy Wertheimer)
10. Midnight Dance
11. Invoking the Ancients


“The Mayapuris are the young tigers of Kirtan. Their powerful and extremely moving music instantly transports me to the ancient days, when we walked together in the footsteps of the great ones. Oh Krishna, Oh Radharani. I feel You once again in the songs of the Mayapuris!" -Jai Uttal

“The Mayapuris are rocking the globe with their tala rasa – transforming rhythms of love that they received direct from the source in Mayapur, India as the home of ecstatic devotion through music, chant and dance. They live, breathe and embody the shakti of bhakti. I feel blessed when they can join me on the road or at home, for they elevate the energy wherever they go. We celebrate this long-awaited release of their first CD produced by Maha Bhaktin Gaura Vani. The Mayapuris are rhythm rockers for the Master Dancer of the Universe! Hari Bol!!!!!!!!!” -Shiva Rea

“Singing with the Mayapuris awakens an urgency in me. It feels like our 5000-year old Kirtan tradition has been reinvented by these young, passionate and beautiful artists. Explosive. Quixotic. Stunning. With driving rhythms, soaring, exotic vocals and harmonies, dynamic movements and seamless dance. Kirtan with the Mayapuris is like riding a rocket to the world of Krishna.” -Gaura Vani (of Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits)

“The Mayapuris are shaking up the western world with their thunderous Mridunga drums! Their lively performance is making huge waves in the American yoga scene and beyond.” -MC Yogi

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