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Media Type: CD
gyuto monks of tibet - Pure Sounds
1.) Mahakala -23:16
2.) Heart Sutra -5:18
3.) Jis Pai Bhum Chung (Original) -16:24
4.) Mandala Offering -4:15
5.) Dedication Prayer -1:57

Pure Sounds CD by the Gyuto Monks of Tibet offers pure meditative Tibetan Buddhist Chants for yoga music and meditation music.

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet are masters of a deep harmonic overtone chanting. The sound has been compared to the resonance of a drum or digeridoo and is believed to have a transformative effect -- removing impurities and clearing the path to enlightenment.

Gyuto Tantric Monastery was established in 1475 and until 1959 occupied Ramoche Temple in central Lhasa, Tibet which is one of the two original temples built to mark the advent of Buddhism in Tibet 1400 years ago. The Gyuto Monks today live as refugees in New Ramoche Temple in Dharamsala, India home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

After having collaborated with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet on Kamal's Zen Mama CD, we realized the importance of the pure sounds, the intransient overtone chants and the vibration of the voices of these monks. So we decided to embark on the project of having a CD of the Gyuto Monks of Tibet without any background music whatsoever. Therefore the title Pure Sounds. It can be challenging for the Western mind to listen to and absorb directly these chanting sounds without musical accompaniment. The chanting vibrational sound is intended to bypass the mind. In Eastern culture it is recommended to listen to the sound 108 times, which is also the number of beads of the mala. When you are able to listen to a mantra for 108 times, it is believed that you will reach a transformation state that is embedded in the sound and the meaning of the mantras themselves.

'You really have to be deeply into chant or this is going to be lost on you entirely---especially if you have some ethnic background where you had to spend long days at your house of worship hearing non-English stuff rattled around by the old timers that looked at you sideways for not keeping up. Chant fans, this is the unsweetened, real deal.' -Chris Spector Midwest Record

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