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Media Type: CD
dean & dudley evenson - Reiki Om
1.) Inner Chi
2.) Hands On
3.) Lighten Up
4.) Mello Tone
5.) Inside World

Reiki Om CD by Dudley and Dean Evenson provides Eastern musical instrumentation for relaxation and healing music.

Award-winning sound healers Dudley and Dean Evenson present music that is a perfect complement for Reiki, massage, and all healing modalities. Reiki Om is the follow up to Tao of Healing, voted Readers Choice #2 Best Reiki Music on

Reiki Om enjoys Eastern musical flavors soothing to the soul, creating a sacred ambience for energy healing to occur.

Musicians on Reiki Om include Phil Heaven on Viola, Eddy Pace on Bass, Dudley Evenson on Harp, Tamboura, Singing Bowls and OM, Dean Evenson on Silver Flute, Alto Flute, Keyboards and OM, and introducing 12-year-old Henry Han playing the guzheng, a 21 String Chinese Zither.

Reiki Om includes instrumentation of tamboura, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and Chinese zither blending with Dean Evenson's signature keyboard orchestrations. Deep alto flute, harp, soft bass rhythms, and viola enhance the healing mood and resonate with recurring tones of OM.

Reiki Om
includes Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation.

1. Inner Chi
2. Hands On
3. Lighten Up
4. Mellow Tone
5. Inside World
6. Fields Of Light
7. Clearing Path
8. Touching Source

"Reiki OM nurtures and envelopes the listener, gently flowing inward and opening the healing journey Reiki provides. A blend of blissful melodies that beckon and cleanse the body, mind and soul, attuning with the rainbow vibration of Reiki energy." - Jennifer Yost, MA, Reiki Master, Seattle, WA.

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