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Media Type: CD
Steven Halpern - Relaxation Suite
1.) Mello Cello -12.42
2.) Relaxation Suite I -6:17
3.) Sweet Relaxation -4:32
4.) Relaxation Suite II -6:31
5.) Sand Dance -3:14
6.) Relaxation Suite III -5:41
7.) Heartnotes -4:46

Relaxation Suite CD by Steven Halpern with cellist, David Darling offers relaxation music, healing music and new age music.

Relaxation Suite is the ultimate in sound healing for stress relief. The music instantly transports you to your own oasis of serenity. From the very first notes, you may notice that you’re breathing more deeply. Tension in your neck and shoulders melt away as if by magic. Within moments, you feel relaxed and at peace.

The soulful, soft and warm sounds of David Darling’s cello joins Steven’s grand piano and ethereal electric piano. Their soaring melodies create majestic cathedrals of sound that are sure to become some of your all-time favorites.

Additional tracks on Relaxation Suite add shakuhachi (Japanese flute) and silver flute for a delight-fully varied yet consistent mood you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Enjoy Relaxation Suite CD by Steven Halpern? See below for more relaxation and healing music and new age music.

david darling [more info] : cello

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