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Media Type: CD
dean evenson - Sacred Earth
1.) Mending Your Own Mind -6:31
2.) Mother Matters -7:14
3.) Leaf Well Enough Alone -4:59
4.) Sweet Water -5:10
5.) Easy Way -4:29

Sacred Earth - A Meditative Journey of Award-Winning Music and Natural Sound CD by Dean Evenson and friends offers relaxing music and nature sounds for Yoga, Relaxation and Spa and contains Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation (ERF).

Music for Sacred Earth includes over a third new material featuring three brand new pieces – Mother Matters, Waves of Wonder and Everlasting Earth. Some of the other songs are remixed and most have additional nature sounds. The other tracks for this album are drawn from popular CDs by Dean Evenson & the Soundings Ensemble

Sacred Earth - A Meditative Journey of Award-Winning Music and Natural Sound CD by Dean Evenson and friends:

Featuring -
Dean Evenson: Silver Flute, Native Flute, Keyboards, Natural Sounds
Dudley Evenson: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Harp
Singh Kaur: Vocalizations, Keyboards
Jonathan Kramer: Cello
Scott Huckabay: Guitar
Phil Heaven: Viola
Cha-das-ska-dum: Chant, Drum

Let your soul delight in this meditative journey of nature and music. Dean Evenson’s sensitive field recordings honoring the sacredness of the earth are interwoven with his beautiful soothing music. Three decades ago, Dean pioneered the blending of natural sounds with the peaceful, relaxation music he was creating and pioneered a whole new genre of music. Today, with renewed concern about the environment, this rich collection of songs is a perfect soundscape to encourage a growing respect for the planet.

Dean’s native flute, silver flute and spacious keyboard atmospheres are joined in artistic collaboration with Singh Kaur’s soaring wordless vocals and Jonathan Kramer’s rich cello tones. Scott Huckabay’s harmonic guitar, Phil Heaven’s sonorous viola and Dudley Evenson’s singing bowls and harp add to the mix. Sacred Earth CD closes with a sacred chant for the Mother Earth by native elder Cha-das-ska-Dum.

“At this moment in time, we can clearly see the crucial effect our lifestyles are having on this small sphere of luscious life we call home. This precious blue green planet contains all the known elements and relationships which make life possible …. Let us focus together on manifesting a healthy home where for generations to come, all life can live in peace, balance and harmony."  - Dean Evenson

ERF – Contains Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation
Eco Packaging – Made from Recycled Materials & Recyclable, Includes No Plastic

Sacred Earth - A Meditative Journey of Award-Winning Music and Natural Sound Tracks:

1 Mending Your Own Mind
2 Mother Matters
3 Leaf Well Enough Alone
4 Sweet Water
5 Easy Way
6 Sunrise
7 Waves of Wonder
8 Sunset Colors
10 Everlasting Earth
9 Elevate
11 Terra

Total Time: 62 minutes

Artist Profile:

In 1972, Dean and his wife Dudley traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to videotape the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. There, they were honored to meet and interview Native American elders, medicine men and young native people who were speaking on behalf of Mother Earth. It was the first time that the Evensons had become aware of this understanding of the planet as a living body, a being that provides for all our physical needs. Earth Day was only two years old and until then, there had been very little awareness of humanity’s negative impacts on the planet.

Since that time of spiritual awakening, Dean and Dudley have dedicated their music, media and life work to educating people about our precious planet earth and the perils it is facing. In 1979, they founded their record label, Soundings of the Planet, releasing some of the very first albums that combined peaceful music with natural sounds, pioneering a whole new genre. In addition to their award-winning healing and world music, the Evensons have created a legacy of nature oriented videos and documentaries on meditation, music and sound healing.

Enjoy Sacred Earth - A Meditative Journey of Award-Winning Music and Natural Sound CD by Dean Evenson and friends?  See below for more music for Spa, Relaxation and Yoga.

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