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Media Type: CD
rakesh chaurasia - Sacred Mantras of India
1.) sample

Sacred Mantras of India CD by Rakesh Chaurasia offers Sanskrit Mantras and Chants and Classical Indian Music.

In this Sacred Mantras of India album, some of the most significant chants and mantras from the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, prayers for spiritual and meditative stimulation have been presented in a musical form exemplifying various moods. Featuring the artists: Ashit Desai, Devaki Pandit, Sanjeev Abhyankar, Hema Desai and Rakesh Chaurasia.

From the majestic morning raag Bhatiyar to the deeply contemplative late night raag Bhairavi, these mantras explore the full gamut of feeling, emotion, passion, commitment and transcendence that a human being can experience during a day’s cycle.

1. Chants - Raag Bhatiyar - Sanjeev Abhayankar
2. Surya Mantra - Aditya Rudayam; Pratah Smaran, etc
3. Chants - Raag Parmeshwari - Devaki Pandit
4. Chants - Raag Bilawal - Hema Desai
5. Omkar Vindu; Mukam Karo Ti Vachalam; Kahe Na Vacha
6. Chants - Raag Gorakh Kalyan - Ashit Desai
7. Asato Maa; Purna Mada; Sarve Bhavantu; etc
8. Chants - Raag Bhairavi - S. Abhayankar & Devaki
9. Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya; Ya Devi Sarve Bhuteshu;etc

Enjoy Sacred Mantras of India CD by Rakesh Chaurasia?  See below for more Sanskrit Mantras and Chants and Classical Indian Music.

rakesh chaurasia : flute
sunil das : sitar
bhavani shankar : pakhawaj

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