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Media Type: CD
manish vyas - Sattva
1.) Ishq -8:09
2.) Tumi Bhaja Re Mana
3.) Sattva
4.) Shivoham -9:42
5.) Meera -6:53
6.) Karuna -7:56
7.) Om Namo Narayana -8:19

Sattva CD by Manish Vyas offers Sanskrit mantras and chants and Asian fusion music for yoga music, massage music or relaxation music.

Sattva (Sanskrit for “the essence of being”) invokes the silent, serene space that awaits us beyond our mind. On this soulful debut offering, gifted multi-instrumentalist Manish Vyas displays a splendid musical sensibility. His expressive voice and rich compositions based on ancient mantras and tarana reflect a natural intuition for crafting dynamic soundscapes from traditional influences.

The product of a musical family and student of the late tabla maestro Ustad Allarakha (the father of Zakir Hussain), Manish demonstrates his astounding rhythmic talents--as well as his seductive vocal virtuosity and mastery of the santoor--to full effect.

With contributions from longtime collaborator Prem Joshua (Water Down the Ganges, Dance of Shakti) and an international cast of gifted musicians, Sattva vibrates with silence, devotion and prayer--an ideal accompaniment to yoga, massage, meditation and enlightened listening.

Sattva TRACKS:
1.) Ishq -8:09
2.) Tumi Bhaja Re Mana -8:07
3.) Sattva -7:06
4.) Shivoham -9:42
5.) Meera -6:53
6.) Karuna -7:56
7.) Om Namo Narayana -8:19

Enjoy Sattva CD by Manish Vyas?  See below for more Sanskrit mantras, chants and Asian fusion music for yoga music.


rishi (ARCHIVE) : drums, percussion, keyboards
bikkram singh (ARCHIVE)
prem joshua [more info] : sitar, bamboo flute, dilaruba
tanmayo : vocals, violin
shruti : vocals
avinash jagtap : violin
maneesh de moor : keyboards, bass
satgyan : bass
sten : strings
david : keyboards
padmaker gujar : frame drum
manish vyas [more info] : vocals, santoor, tablas, keyboards

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